Thats my ring. I always wanted a ‘Bent on one knee’proposal, so even though our engagement date had already been set, the boy whisked me away to the outskirts of Delhi…where he said we were going for some ‘Adventure Sports’  at 5:00 am. I was tired, grumpy and groggy. The Adventure Sport turned out to be a hot air balloon ride. As we were in the air, amidst the hills with the sun rising above us, he went down on one knee :)

Everytime i am mad at him and feel super frustrated, i think about that and smile !

Swati's RingSwati says, “The engagement happened on the 14th of July this year :)”

Photo by Vaibhav Garge Photography

Akanksha's Ring

Akanksha says, “Both me and my husband got our rings engraved with the date of our wedding. I am extremely fond of my ring. It’s elegant, pretty without the solitaire being in-your-face.”

Priya Gupta's Ring

Priya Gupta says,” I got engaged in July and getting married in December this year. Our families wanted a big jewel studded ring while i wanted one that’s delicate and wearable… Well my better half got me the best of both the worlds! I am absolutely in LOVE with my ring! :))”

Monishaa's Ring

Monishaa says,” Here’s my engagement ring. My fiance and I are from Australia. He proposed on New Years Eve 2012 at midnight, just as fireworks rang in the new year, on bended knee on the roof of a city skyscraper which was decked out with hundreds of roses. We are getting married in November :)”

Mily's Ring

Mily says,” This is a diamond and emeralds ring set in white gold that I bought with my own money  to celebrate my completion of  first year of job..:) feel really proud of myself when I see it…wear it at all times :)

Anumeha Shankar's Ring

Anumeha says,”Besides the engagement ring..the other 2 are the result of me being a diamond crazzzy girl. N i love wearing rings…if it were upto me i could wear them in every finger possible..besides these 3 i wear a small girly band with tiny diamonds..i got that i long time ago. And a ruby +gold ring as suggested by some pandits…(don’t actually believe in that stuff but i get to wear a ring:)”

Gayatri's Ring

Gayatri’s Ring

Heena Khanna's Ring

Heena says,” Its a pic clicked a day after my engagement ceremony where my fiance Shikhar (now hubby) surprised me with this stunner!”

Swati Singal's Ring

Swati Singal’s Ring

Sher's Ring

Sher S says,” I thought i would share pic of my beautiful ring :) My boyfriend of 8 years recently proposed to me on top of a lighthouse. It was really romantic. We took a weekend off, went to this beautiful beachside town where we had gone for our very first vacation together. We biked along this island, stopped to take photos and finally reached the lighthouse. We climbed on top and there..he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him :) 

I LOVED the fact that he didn’t get me a diamond ring. I never wanted one because it is so common (no offence to people who really love them) :) I always wondered what colored stone he would get me but when I saw this I was speechless. Purple is my favorite color and I never imagined it would look so pretty as a gem. My ring has an amethyst in the center with white and chocolate diamonds around it :)”

Manasidhir RingManasidhir’s Ring

Pallak's Ring

Pallak says,”3 years of a Long Distance Relationship and finally an engagement! My Fiancé, Ian, went down on one knee in front of all family and friends and asked me to marry him with this GORGEOUS 1.5K Princess cut diamond ring. I love the detail on the bottom. It’s the most perfect ring. I gave him a simple 2 tone white gold band.We got our rings engraved with nick names that we have for each other. Getting married in February 2014. Can’t wait!”

Rashmi's Ring

Rashmi says,”These are pics of my engagement ring: a gold Infinity band.”

Shivangi's Ring

Shivangi says,” My man had proposed to me on 25th Nov, 2007 screaming on top of his voice at the Bangalore airport. I was in Nagpur studying for the last of my finals, and he called to say that he wanted to share something. Since I was busy poring over my notes (last minute student!!) I told him that we would speak the next day. Barely 10 minutes later, he called again to propose and the first time he said I couldn’t hear him over the noise. The next time he almost shouted it out, making all the other passengers hear him (one of them even asked what was my reply ;)). Needless to say I couldn’t study the entire night (passed the exam somehow). Two years later we exchanged rings in the presence of family and friends.”

Deepti's Ring

Deepti’s Ring


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