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The Wedding Lehenga is ORDERED !!!

So Remember the complete fail of Wedding shopping in Hyderabad in the previous post ? Phase two of searching for Bridal lehengas took place in Mumbai, which is where my SIL currently stays and she hit jackpot !  Now a lot of the boys family is in Mumbai and wedding shopping in Mumbai, is an event in itself . My SIL, My MIL, My MIL’s Sister, Me all headed to Mumbai for mission wedding lehenga- fully prepared to slog it out over a 3 day period. Its a tough job, but hey someones got to do it !

After recommending a few stores I knew she would like, my SIL headed to two designers whom i think are MUST visits if you are looking for light, breathable outfits in Mumbai.

The first ones are Chamee & Palak- this designer duo makes some gorgeous, light, vibrant lehengas and at affordable prices. Soft Pinks, Saturated Oranges, Pastel Blues , Lime Greens…My SIL chose a beautiful shaded peachy orange color for her morning wedding with intricate Gold work  and they customised it and made it lighter to suit the morning event.  She didnt want to spend more than 60-70k on her lehenga and Chamee & Palak definitely made it well within budget ! She didnt even go to any other place once she liked the piece. Just like, pay, order. done. SO UNLIKE ME ! What did we need 3 days for? This took just 3 hours !

The second Bridal wear  designer to visit in Mumbai is Sanshe. Again, customised, unique Bridal Wear with a modern , lighter feel. I feel like Delhi infact needs someone like Sanshe & Chamee &Palak. We have the entire Royal, opulent Bridal look going but there are fewer designers catering to modern, simple brides who just want to have fun. Designers who make light, breathable Wedding lehengas. Know of  any? Give them a shout out in the comments below.

The Makeup Artist is Booked !

After searching and researching, and hours of us pondering over who to go with (Remember  my own nightmares in  finding a makeup artist in Hyderabad), we finally booked Tamanna Rooz! If you are from Hyderabad, you may want to tune in to this post- Bridal MUA in Hyderabad to get a lowdown on whose good! The SIL went for trials at Juice and a couple of other salons and suffered the same fate that i suffered in my trials, so i am relieved we found Tamanna this time and kind of annoyed that we didnt find her for my own wedding.

Now all that is left to do is pick rings, a mehendi artist, a photographer and we are sorted folks !!! The other rather critical decision we need to make without which my SIL’s wedding cannot proceed further is …..

What am i wearing???

That is the question.  For the wedding, since its a day event i want to wear something like an anarkali in a pastelish sort of color. Or i want just a flowy outfit with Pallazo’s or a sharara – or maybe just a lehenga? Im totally confused. I know im wearing a trousseau sari for the reception (My mom will murder me if i dont use them soon) but any ideas for wedding guys?

According to my mum, i should get something similar to the Tarun Anarkali on the left done in a soft pink or coral. I do love the neckline and silhouette, im just not sure its special enough.

You know what i want to wear? Some of those gorgeous kind of flowy outfits that Pakistani brides wear…

Something flowy like this, but obviously not even 1/4th as heavy!

Another Pakistani Silhouette i like !

Anarkali-Lehengas are now done to death so i dont want to do that. Hmm..maybe just a modern lehenga like this Ridhi Mehra one …




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