This weeks lust list is a total mixed bag !

1. Shehla Khan Pale, Mint ┬áLehenga : I love how flowy this Shehla Khan Lehenga is. Kind of gives me ideas for my outfits for the SIL’s wedding (post coming soon). Love the colors and the way this is styled on Madhuri, with that old world classic charm

2. Ridhi Mehra: I love this particular pattern Ridhi does- with that splattering across the shoulder and when i saw it as a lehenga, i fell in love !

3.Micheal Kors Handbags: Iv always kind of liked Micheal Kors handbags, but this time i saw the entire new range in Macy’s and i fell in LOVE. I adore the colors, and i like how its not like a regular Monogrammed bag yknow? Its like understated and classy. I loved the satin Khaki Bag, as well as the casual white one ! Super chic!

4. Hare Nail Polishes: Oh My God. You guys HAVE to see the swatches over at Temptalia! These are amazing. Like gelly based polishes which are not just glitter top coats- these are actually opaque polishes with super chunky glitter bits. I love them they are SO unique!

5.Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Blush: I had actually put this in my shopping bag in Walgreens,but somehow missed it at the checkout counter. How pretty is the packaging? Love that Cinderella slipper on that soft peachy pink !

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