So yesterday was my friends wedding, and after partying till 4:00 am, im supposed to head to work today. Sigh. My question is- what do you girls do when the previous night has had a toll on your face? You wake up puffy faced, with dark circles, a hoarse voice and looking like death!

Do you tend to use concealer to hide your dark circles , or do you just let it be..slather on some moisturizer  , kajal and lipbalm and head out??? Do you use cucumbers and stuff to freshen up your eyes? I somehow dont like to use concealer when my dark circles are this bad- because it tends to n make it worse . Or maybe im just not using the right shade (because when my dark circles get very dark, my regular concealer starts looking light if that makes sense)..

I do remember seeing a Lisa Elridge video in which she transforms her super exhausted face to a super refreshed one by ¬†using a light reflecting concealer and lilac eyeshadow… Whats your fix?

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