Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Skinny Jeans (2) Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow In Skinny Jeans: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Ki (Medium Skintone, Sensitive, Combination Skin)

I’m a self confessed eyeshadow junkie and my shadow collection is pretty vast. But recently, I find myself gravitating towards cream shadows because of how quick and easy they are to use, especially on those mornings when all I want to do is ignore my alarm and grab an extra ten minutes of sleep! (Happens every morning for me until the help rings the bell 147688 times!)

One of my new favorites is Benefit’s creaseless cream shadow in the colour Skinny Jeans. It looks grey in the jar, but the colour is actually a lovely pewter – grey with hints of a greenish khaki, a little bit of pinkish shimmer and a gorgeous sheen.

Isn’t the packaging adorable? I love the cardboard box that it comes in and the little pot with scalloped edges is just too cute!

I usually use my fingers to apply this shadow and blend it into my crease. It has a smooth blendable texture and just glides on to my eyelids. One layer of Skinny Jeans gives just a wash of colour, but it can easily be layered and I usually apply about two layers to make the colour really pop. I would say that it is slightly on the cooler side, but not enough that it makes my warm toned complexion look dull.

I tested out the ‘creaseless’ claim of this shadow by wearing it both with and without primer. I have oily eyelids so I was worried that it would crease, but it lasted a whole day on me (about 8 hours) with no creasing/fading when worn without primer. When I used it with a primer (Urban Decay’s Primer potion), I couldn’t see any discernable difference in the intensity of the colour and the lasting power was the same. Pretty impressive, huh?

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Skinny Jeans (4)Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Skinny Jeans (1)Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Skinny Jeans (3)Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Skinny Jeans (5)

The pros of this product are pretty evident from my rave above, but here’s a list for you:

1.Complex and beautiful colour
2.Great texture
3.Buildable pigmentation/intensity
4.Great lasting power
5.Easy to use
6.Suits both warm toned and cool toned complexions
7.Versatile – I use it mainly as a lid colour on its own, but it can be used as a base for khaki, olive and grey eyeshadows too!

The cons of this product:
1. The price – I paid 19 euros (approx. INR 1570) for this in France and that is a little on the costly side, especially when compared to my other cream shadow love, the Maybelline colour tattoo shadows.

Rating: A+

Price: 19 euros for 0.16oz.

Final Recommendation: I am in love with the Benefit Creaseless Cream in Skinny Jeans and I can see myself repurchasing this over and over again. I recommend it to anyone who loves cream shadows, no matter what your skintone. And you know what? Even if you don’t love cream shadows, give this one a try – it may just convert you!

PS: Ki, i remember interacting with you just as i started off P&B !! :) I remember you were going to be married at the time. Its so good to see an old friend on P&B again…

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