You wont usually find me talking about advertisements here on P&B  (We hardly watch TV in the Shahani house- all our addictions are online!) unless i find something ridiculously appalling on one and i cant help talking about it  ! This time though Tanishq replaced its cliched  jewellery ads with an advertisement that features a beautiful dusky bride who is remarrying, after having a daughter. Its rare to see a bridal jewellery brand feature remarriage and even rarer for a dusky girl to be featured as a bride (unless she is in some ridiculous fair and lovely ad in which she gets a ‘no brains in his head’ prince to sweep her off her feet after she becomes pale).

So kudos to Tanishq on not just breaking the norms but honestly for gorgeous styling !!!! I love the pale saree, i love that beautiful rubies and gold set, i love how that cream sherwani looks !

What did you think of this beautiful Tanishq ad?

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