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The SIL (aka me!) orders her outfit !! Yipeee!

So i have been taking rounds and rounds of exhibitions in Delhi these days just to find SOMETHING i can wear to SOME event. Its all so confusing- my SIL’s wedding is in the morning – so what colors do i wear? Pastels? Will they look heavy? Do i wear a saree in the morning, and an outfit at night in the reception or do i reverse it? The wedding is a smaller should i wear my best outfit then or no? Uff..the trials and tribulations of being a sister in law.

I first went to Bridal Asia 2013 where i liked a Jacket outfit from a unit called Shimmer in Bangalore. It was flowy and long, on a muted beige base with lime green detailing. It was pretty for sure, but i didnt want yet another neon outfit in my closet and i didnt think it was worth paying 34K for !

Then i hunted in Shahpur Jat which is personally one of my favourite places to shop, but no luck in my budget for something very heavy. Then i went to Jalsa (exhibition in Delhi) – which had  a lot of really great options for lighter outfits. The first stall i went to was Toxic from Kolkata- i usually pick up some outfits from here,  because they are quite well priced. I loved this one sharara- a mango color on the top with kundan work embroidery and a hot pink sharara bottom with embroidery with a mint green dupatta. Price: 18000/- ..not bad huh? But i already wore a Sharara on her roka…so NOW WHAT?

Hmm..lets roam around some more. I stopped by some really nice designers from Mumbai, one called Prana or something which had some lovely colors and textures ! But all the outfits i liked were around the 50k mark …

Then i looked at some gotta patti stuff from jaipur. There was a white floral print lehenga with soft pink roses and mint green leaves. This was paired with a pink choli. Price: 25000/- which is not bad again, but honestly the lehenga felt a little too kiddy on me !!! Im not saying i have to dress like an elder Sister in law (i hardly behave like one), but definitely i looked like a 16 year old schoolgirl in that one- too poofy and cartoony !

Then i headed across some other stalls till i found a long black knee length embroidered jacket paired with a wide sharara at the bottom. I didnt even look at it twice initially but i thought – hey let me go try it on anyway! Once i came out, and all the aunties in the room were like ‘ Beta yeh kaha se liya?’  i knew i had to buy it. It was not something i had thought i would buy, but it looked really good on me and it was heavy- the black jacket was embroidered fully with silver wire and zari , with hooks till the navel and then it was open with just a bit of the tummy peeping through. This was paired with a peach sharara, and though i was not a fan of the color combination (i didnt want to pick up black!), the fact that it was under 22k did it for me..

But it is so HARD to buy Indian wear when your mum is not around. I desperately tried to call her, send her a photo but ultimately i just asked this other girl who looked as lost as i was because her mum wasnt around either. I helped her pick out a silk navy anarkali, and she helped me pick out this outfit!

I asked for some customisations- elongate the black jacket to touch the floor, and change the color of the sharara to mint green as well as change the fabric of the sharara from net to silk and make it a skirt instead (basically i changed everything in it). But basically yup, i found one outfit atleast!!!!  Phew !

OOh can you guys help me with colors???? The jacket has silver embroidery on it and as much as i would like t make it in a coral or an orange or a pink, that embroidery looks heavy only on darker colors. Im thinking of either doing an emerald green on the jacket and a mint on the lehenga or keep the jacket black and experiment with the lehenga colors- black and mint green? Navy blue and mint green? Just chuck the mint green?

Mint Green and Black?

A Bachelorette Party for my Bestie!
Remember the girl i went makeup shopping with. We celebrated her Bachelorette recently, and it was one super fun, super crazy night full of ‘Bride to Be Sashes’ , Crowns, Dirty Cupcakes,  and creating a whole lot of ruckus in a close by club!!!!

Here is a pic from the night:

photo (19)

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