While the chosen movie cast of Fifty Shades of Grey hasn’t garnered too much love (to say the least), me thinks one addition to this cast may bring a little bit of cheer. The Illamasqua Facet Nail Polish does show 3 shades, if not fifty shades of grey and could definitely be the supporting role in the upcoming movie!!! ;)  (Talking about fifty- who do you think would make a good Mr.Grey? Im honestly not a fan of the books, but if i had to chose- Harvey Spectre. Take him for any movie and ill watch it i say !)

Facet is a pewter grey polish with a mauve undertone and copper-gold glitter. Its personally not my cup of tea- it doesn’t do much for my skintone, but if you are lighter or cooler skintone, this would look super fah-bulous and classy ! Very edgy, and very fashion forward- very unlike my choice of nailpolishes which frankly has not changed beyond sixth grade (I loved glitter then, i love glitter now …Weeeeee!!!!!!).  It really is  a polish whose beauty would be evident on paler hands!

In terms of Illamsqua’s Polish itself- they never dissapoint. The first coat i applied, i was very dissapointed because it was streaky and runny, but after the second coat all i got was smooth, glossy, grey nails with shimmer. The formulation on these is quite stellar and they last for ages. Im talking longer than the number of days you take off for diwali  (5-6 to be exact) so these are by far the most strong -wearing polishes iv tried.

Only annoying thing- the cap is so wide that it makes holding that square thing quite difficult so application isnt that easy

illamsqua-facet-nail-polish-swatches-001 illamasqua-facet-nailpolish1-001

With Flash- You can see the mauve undertone!illamasqua-facet-polish1-001

Pros of Illamasqua Facet polish

  • Would look lovely on paler skin tones
  • Super smooth and glossy finish
  • Two Coats to Opaque
  • Lasts atleast 5 days without tip wear or chipping


  • Wide square bottle top is difficult to hold !

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Verdict: A

Price: Rs 1200/- available on the Illamasqua website which ships to India

Recommendation: Not my kind of color, but Facet is a polish that will be super chic, and fashion forward on paler hands. Illamasqua makes the best, most strong wearing formulation of nail polish – so if you are rough on your nails, this is the polish you should go to!

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