Inglot Face Blush #32 Swatches & Review

One of lifes most frustrating, and difficult  questions to answer is deciding what to eat for breakfast  . First of all, you have to answer that question early morning when your brain is feeling fuzzy  and your hair looks like medusa. Secondly, there are only ‘x’ number of breakfast options which become ‘x-8’ if your help doesn’t know how to make egg (Seriously, no jokes..she cant make egg!!!!). Thirdly, when you have a brand new Inglot Face Blush #32 on your dining table, that you are dying to get your hands on …the last thing you want to think of is mundane breakfast questions .

Dont ask me why my blush is on my dining table. Its just the way my house works.


Inglot Face Blush #32 is a hard color to describe. In some pictures like the one above it looks like a  pretty, pretty soft pink. In others it looks definitively a muted coral-pink ! The correct color is really only visible in the swatch on the arm below and  On the cheeks, it just gives a beautiful soft pink sheen which glistens. Even though in the pan the silver glitter looks a bit chunky and annoying, once on your cheek and you just cannot see it !!!

However, you do notice it when sometimes it travels upto your forehead and someone comments  ‘Dude you have a sparkly forehead’



Apart from the forehead issue, its all good ladies. Easy to blend, dream to apply, shows up in two layers and lasts for about four hours or so. Whats not to like?? I specially recommend this to all girls who find it hard for these color of blushes to show up on them- trust me this one will !! Its warm, and beautiful and pigmented !

Some have compared it to the likes of Benefit’s Corallista but since i dont have that one yet i cant comment. A possible dupe is definitely Lakme Absolute Day Blush,but that is a tad bit matter.


How pretty is that swatch? Like a beautiful thin sheen of peachy pink goodness! Its all fluffy, and soft, and pwetty!



Dupes: Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Day Blush, Benefit Corallista


Recommendaton: Love this color !!! Its an absolutely beautiful soft pink that even darker girls will enjoy !!! The sheen on the cheeks is lovely, and the blush is smooth, blendable and pigmented. Give Inglot Face Blush 32 a try- it wont dissapoint!

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