Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish Tomato Tango

Now usually , anything called ” Tomato- Anything’ will make me run far far away. I dont understand them in salads, i dont get them in a bloody mary, and i don get how people can eat them raw . They give me this squishy, ick feeling and the only time tomatoes are acceptable to me are in pizza’s, pasta’s , facials, and now this Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish called ‘Tomato Tango ‘ !

Okay first of all let me tell you this is my new favourite formula of polishes. These are SOOO good ! Im not even the kind of girl who gushes and goes like ‘OMG you guys, that lip balm was AHMAZING it changed my LIIFEE ‘  types but these really are ! They are super super glossy, opaque in two coats and they maintain their uber glossyness over the course of 4 days.  There is also something super fun about applying these- they have this gel like consistency that just spreads smoothly and you are done in a jiffy! You will see tip wear by Day 2-3 but these dont chip until Day 5 so if you are planning a trip going trekking or something – these Lakme Absolute Gel Stylists need to be stashed away  in your rucksack !

Coming to the color- its a regular, sheeny orangey red . The name tomato tango is pretty appropriate actually! I just think its the glossyness and finish that elevates this from a regular red polish to a stunning one. They also have a gorgeous neon pink in this which i tried on my trip to Mumbai for Lakme Fashion Week 2013 !

lakme-absolute-gel-stylist-nail-polish1 lakme-absolute-gel-stylist2 lakme-absolute-gel-stylist1



Verdict: A

Price: Rs 400/-

Recommendation: These Lakme Absolute Gel Stylists have a super finish, are super glossy and last over 4 days with minimal tip wear. I really like these polishes, and though i definitely think they could have been priced more competitively (You get OPI for 80 bucks more), i have to give credit where due. These are pretty great, even though the glossyness can become dull after 4 days…most polishes dont even last 4 days so yay!

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