L’occitane Angelica Sublime Beauty Cream with SPF 30 Review

You know how every store has that signature scent of theirs? Like when you cross Subway- there is that definite warm, toasted bread kind of scent in the air. Or Cinnabon- the scent of vanilla sugar, caramel and  cinnamon wafting through 2 miles of the Cinnabon store… It’s the same with L’occitane- you can always smell peony’s and lilies and a whole lot of floral goodness. Well, guess what…now you can carry that scent around on your face! (Not the toasted bread smell- unless you like smelling like an edible chicken  sandwich ..that people want to take a bite out of)  . Im talking about the Floral thing- because Loccitane Angelica Sublime BB Cream makes your face smell like a L’occitane store (which is pretty wierd too, it makes me feel im going to sprout a new shoot from my head or something!)

Loccitane Claims “Powered by organic iris and angelica, two flowers known for their hydrating and brightening powers, this formula is designed to restore lost moisture and plump up dull-looking skin. The flattering tint evens out skin tone, while SPF 30 keeps you protected from UVA and UVB rays.”

Okay cutting right to it- it applies like a nice  hydrating moisturizer and dries completely matte which gives a nice shine free, fresh kind of look. The coverage is light to medium and  it does even out the skin tone, along with blurring minor imperfections  and the SPF is an added bonus. Even though the shade looks really dark (i got medium and honestly its like what usual creams would call ‘deep’), on the face it kind of just blends into the skin and provides a good match. I like how effortless it is, and how light it feels .

Girls with oily skin- do powder your  t zones, even though this dries matte, there is a tendency for the shine to come through over the day. Thats about it really- its probably the most expensive BB Cream in the market, and though it definitely has winning qualities i guess its a question of whether you think a bb cream is worth this amount of money!

Pros of Loccitane Beauty Cream:

  • Moisturizing
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Feels extremely light and effortless on the face
  • SPF 30 is an added bonus
  • Dries matte and looks fresh
  • Shades are towads the darker side so a lot of indian girls who struggle to get a match will find theirs

Cons of Loccitane Beauty Cream

  • Im not a fan of strongly scented face products
  • Though it dries matte, you may need to powder t zone after some hours
  • The water and the cream seperate out in the tube so sometimes when you squeeze it, you get a whole lot of watery fluid out of it

loccitane sublime beauty cream




Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 2000/- approx

Recommendation: The Loccitane BB Cream is actually a really nice , lightweight cream which provides hydration, evens out your skin tone and blurs imperfections. I dont particularly love the strong floral smell coming from my face, but apart from that this one is definitely one of the nicer bb creams i own. The question is really how much of a bb fan you are, i know i would probably not invest this much of money on a bb!

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