Loreal True Match BB Cream Review

Before you go and say “Yawn another BB Cream Review on P&B“, wait a second. This one is actually pretty good girlies !!! Specially with the diwali season coming up (Going to my first card party of the season tommorow yayie!!!) you may want to keep this little tube handy for a quick 2 minute pretty-fier. You never know, who may be falling in love with you over a game of cards (You may just find the king of hearts sitting across the table from you…sorry coudn’t resist that pun!!!) Btw, who all have met their better halves over a game of cards- let me know in the comments below.

As far as this Loreal True Match BB Cream is concerned, it does have a couple of aces up its sleeve ! It is one of those rare BB creams, that moisturizes, mattifies, covers and keeps you looking fresh. I guess the biggest advantage this has over the others is that it does provide more coverage than just a tint, and my skin actually feels pretty soft and silky after i wear this !  Plus my dry skin gets some good hydration, without this become a shine fest- it really does stay matte on my face!

Sounds super amazing? Well, there are a few hiccups. First of all- it leaves a white cast- which is temporary, but i distinctly remember the boy telling me i look like a ghost when i wore this (Ofcourse an hour later he didnt think that way, because this settled down but just a heads up for all you girls. Before you go all like ‘Mehak made me buy this horrendous white cast giving thing- give it twenty minutes to settle)

The SPF 35 with PA +++ is an added bonus ofcourse and overall i do think this is one of the better BB Creams in the market. Will this replace my existing tinted moisturizer (Loreal UV Perfect TM) ..nope. I still prefer that because it adds a glow to my face , but those of you looking for a bit more coverage should give this a twirl!


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Pros of Loreal True Match BB Cream Review 

  • Moisturizing
  • Provides good coverage
  • Mattifies the skin and keeps it shine free (atleast my dry skin )
  • SPF 35 is a super bonus


  • Has a whitish cast which takes about twenty minutes to settle in
  • Not the best product to take photographs in!

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 550/-

Recommendation: Out of all of the affordable BB Creams available in India, the Loreal True Match BB Cream is definitely one that suits my dry skin pretty well. It moisturizes, evens out my complexion and gives a polished matte look. It does leave a whitish cast at first which is kind of annoying, but it settles down and looks natural after a while. Have i converted from my regular use products to this? Nope not yet! Still prefer tinted moisturizers over these !

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