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See those two faces there? Do they look familiar to you? Maybe because you would have seen them in action in my Bachelorette post pictures. Well, its one year on from that Goa trip and another one of us is biting the dust – one of my four best friends is getting married ! (Well actually two are getting married, but we havent done makeup shopping for the other one yet!)

So Meet Avika.

PR Executive.  Knows nothing about makeup. Makeup IQ equals minus 80

Usually seen in lip balm and kajal.  Bride to be, and is marrying her best friend !

Items she wants to purchase: She has no idea, Budget: No idea. Preferences:Hates Pink.

Let us start with the most important one first- the foundation. You get the base right, it doesn’t matter what else you buy…We headed straight to Bobbi Brown where we pretty much fell in love with the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Liquid Foundation.

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At the Bobbi Brown Store with a different foundation on each side

 Completely natural looking  but provides heavy coverage, still covers up everything you want it to cover, feels comfortable on the skin and photographs flawlessly.

SA : “Try these two- One is Long Wear Liquid Foundation and one is this compact creme foundation. This one is very high , full coverage while the other is medium to heavy coverage”

Avika nods head intelligently then whispers to me “Whats coverage dude? I only know coverage in PR- give me coverage for my client types”.

After explaining that to her, we tried one on each side and while the creme one was not for her (too cakey) the liquid one was. Still, since foundation is so important we wanted to have a few options so went to MAC empty handed.

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At the Mac store we tried Studio Fix Fluid- which looked nice but she felt it was too heavy and suffocating for her on the skin . The studio fix compact foundation however was quite nice and breathable, but after trying the Bobbi Brown one we realised it wasn’t fit for her skin as much as the Bobbi Brown one  was which just blended in !!! Okay, Foundation decided. Lets shop for Blushes & Lipsticks in MAC!

Avika : “umm so do you apply blush before or after foundation”

Me looking like i saw an alien : “Hainn???? OBVIOUSLY after dude ! Whats wrong with you “

The SA  got out peach twist- which was this gorgeous , warm earthy peach with shimmer and i asked her to try Mocha which is a dusty rose color. Both looked great, but since this was something she would be wearing with Indian wear we decided to go with just one with a pinker undertone- so Mocha it was

We then tried lipsticks.. A WHOLE LOT OF THEM.

We tried- Twig (Definite Winner), Mocha (Liked a lot but lets think about it ) , Chili (She wanted a red and this was the best one on her), Cosmo ( a bit too light on her) and a couple of other ones which she absolutely hated because they looked a little pink and she just wanted very neutral colors.

photo 2

We tried Vegas Volt on us ! Made my other best friend buy it !

We walked out of Mac purchasing 2 lipsticks, a concealer and a blush and headed back to Bobbi Brown to buy the foundation.

We then headed to Inglot for the most value for money eyeshadows. Tried on about a dozen shadows – mostly in shades of gold and after a ton of testing. We finalised on four basic shades:

  • An olive greenish gold
  • A copper
  • A neutral brown for day wear
  • A light beige, gold kind of color

We also got this AWESOME Inglot Lip Paint. I cant remember if it was 62 or 64, but it was a beautiful neutral peachy brown on her- very natural and very glossy


photo 5

And thats a wrap! Folks. Half an hour-intense makeup therapy and we bought all of this stuff:

  • Bobbi Brown Foundation 
  • Mac Concealer
  • Inglot Eyeshadow- Olive Green Gold
  • Inglot Eyeshadow- Brown with muted sparkle
  • Inglot Eyeshadow- Bronze Gold
  • Inglot Eyeshadow- Light Gold
  • Mac Twig
  • Mac Chili
  • Inglot Lip Paint 62 i think
  • Maybelline Collosal Mascara Review
  • Mac Mocha Blush


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