Remember the makeup ignorant friend of mine??? The one who we helped to shop for her makeup trousseau?  Well her wedding celebrations just ended and here are some sari scenes from the occasion !

True story: I reached the mehendi function which happened a day before the wedding, to find her doing her makeup on her own. She put no foundation (I dont know how to apply it!!! she said). She put blush , with a little kajal and brown lipstick. She could very well have been just heading to work looking like that !!! We had to do a quick 2 minute emergency ‘bridal makeover’. No time to wash off all that blush just put  concealer on all the areas, mixed in some pink into the lip color and darkened the liner to make her bride appropriate!



Sorry about the poor photo quality, they are all I-phone pics, we were all too busy handling the bride to click photos remember? Thats me in the extreme left- i did smokey eyes and nude lips! There is some wierd thing happening with the hair- please ignore!

The other three girls, im sure you are all familiar with by now !




I love that waist belt!

Shout out to my mom, who is by far the BEST saree tie-er ever. I always end up being dissapointed at a salon. They make me look like an airhostess every time they tie a saree !!! Two things i need to learn from my mom (apart from a gazillion already in the list):

  1. How to tie a saree like this such that it stays the entire night
  2. How to bajao a dholki!



Do you like Chantilly Lace Sarees? I for one love them but i think its easy go to wrong with them. What i definitely DONT like is Chantilly lace is bright colors- emerald greens, turquoises etc. I think they end up looking a tad bit tacky !!! I prefer Chantilly laces in soft pale pastels or metallic, muted kind of colours. I even made my Sister in law buy one for her trousseau– remember when i took her shopping for her trousseau?

As for the wedding itself- it was as expected, SUPER FUN! We were at the venue at 7:30 pm and out by about 3:00 am, and in between all that there was a whole lot of dancing, madness , food, joota chupai (dont tell anyone this but it came down to the girls side actually biting the best mans hand to let him go of the shoes ! Lol !)

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