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Those double letters you keep seeing are not your eyes playing you tricks…the words BB are coming out of freaking everywhere (and im not talking about lingerie stores) . BB Creams have officially taken over India and everyone has tried one (Me- iv tried 6!) . Lets catch up with the panel and see who loved what?



Iv tried the Maybelline BB Cream, the Garnier BB Cream, The Deborah BB Cream , the Revlon BB Cream and the Loccitane BB Cream. (I think that makes it almost all except Loreal- i wanna try that) Iv realised after trying all of these that BB Creams are not my thing – atleast not any of these above. If i had to pick one i would pick the Loccitane or Garnier one though.  I prefer my Loreal UV Perfect Even COmplexion Tinted Moisturizer as it adds a healthy glow and even though the coverage is low it is super hydrating!!! My skin really loves this stuff!



Im wonderin what to answer here because i haven’t actually tried any BB Cream or tinted moisturizer. I do love the Lakme Face Magic Souffle though. It doesnt break me out and subtly evens out my skin.




I totally LOVE the Loreal true Match BB Cream . It literally makes my skin glow – it moisturizes as well as gives a good SPF 35 coverage ! Tinted Moisturizer- i use the Lotus Matt Finish 3-1 sunblock with SPF 40 so which is Perfect!



Okay lets face it if i WANTED to spend five hundred bucks on a product that just about covers my pimples for an hour, i would go bat sh*t crazy and buy all the Loreal, Deborah, Revlon BB Creams my eyes can spot. But ..i stick to Maybelline, and buy a cupcake instead.


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