Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review India

Everyone who has a different ‘Photo Ready Face’ as compared to their normal face raise your hands ! You know what i mean right- like in normal life you guffaw out loud with no pretension (some even snort out loud) and smile with your gums , teeth and everything else showing. But suddenly someone says “Smile for the Camera!“, and you freeze- just tilt your head that exact 30 degree angle, give a coy smile, suck in your breath (and your tummy)  and give that perfectly ‘Posed to be natural look‘. Well Revlon claims, that with their Photoready BB Cream you shall always be photoready atleast skin wise  (ofcourse you will still have to suck in your tummy, no bb cream can help you with that girlie).

According to Revlon this Silver bottled cutie will take you to the moon and back (if you beee, if you beee my baaabyyy!- I miss Savage Garden) . They claim it “hydrates like a moisturizer, smoothes like a primer, covers like a foundation, blurs flaws like concealer and protects with SPF 30 like sunscreen”

What i say:

Hydrates like a moisturizer: For sure !!! Consistency is actually thicker than usual lightweight bb creams and it definitely hydrates, but probably for oily skin girls i think the consistency may be too heavy and may cause shininess. For dry skin like mine, the hydration is a welcome relief

Covers like a foundation: Are you kidding me? It hardly gives ANY coverage. Like minimal bare amount, tinted moisturizer equivalent of coverage- it can cover up some redness but very little else. I did try to build up the coverage but zip- nada-no can do mister !

Blurs flaws like a concealer: No Way.

Smoothes like a primer: It does blur pores which is nice

Protects like a sunscreen: Yeah, with SPF 30 i guess it does that !

Shade i got: Medium



  • For dry skinned cuties, you will like the hydration it provides
  • Does tend to blur some open pores and cover redness
  • SPF 30 is an added bonus


  • Very sheer coverage that cannot be built up – results in a bild up of product but not coverage.
  • The texture is on the thicker side, and for oily skinned girls it might be  is too hydrating and can cause oilyness



Scary No makeup face:revlon-photo-ready-bbcream

Verdict:  B

Price: Rs 550/-

Recommendation: The Revlon Photoready BB Cream gives very very sheer coverage that cannot be built up. If you have dry skin and are looking for just a barely there tinted moisturizer that covers mostly redness  you may want to check this out because it also has SPF 30, but otherwise  skip this. Too sheer, and too hydrating for oily/combination skin.

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