Sephora Nano Eyeliner Review & Swatches

Good things don’t always come in small sizes, despite what they say you know. Diamonds for example (Psst- i know a girl whose fiance took her shopping for a ring, saying that it was for his sister and she picked out this tiny diamond, only to find to her horror that he bent down on one knee and proposed to her with it ! haha!). The Sephora Eye Pencils which are very conveniently just thrown at the checkout counter to suck in impulsive purchasers like me are another example of good things not coming in small sizes . I bought these when i was visiting Sephora NY, and amidst all the double digit dollar products, these cuties were stashed away with a 8$ price tag and i couldn’t resist throwing a couple in my bag. Big Mistake.

The thing about these eye pencils is – when you swatch them on your hand you go wow ! These are pigmented, soft and pretty great but somehow they just don’t get along with my eye. I have to pull, tug, put pressure for the color to show up because a light swipe on the eye does nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. I have to go again 2-3 times for it to show properly and they don’t feel too soft either ! They just kind of give this waxy texture which does nothing , and if you layer them on you can get good pigmentation but im talking a lot of layering.

That’s about it- the colors are pretty though. Sapphire is a matte indigo blue and Plum is a sheeny plum purple and both would have been perfect additions to my dwindling eye pencil stash (I swear i think my drawer is gobbling up my eye pencils. I cant find them anywhere !)

sephora-eye-pencil2-002 sephora-eye-pencil1-002 sephora-eye-pencil-3

Verdict: C

Price: Rs 400/- each approx

Recommendation: These Mini Sephora Eye Pencils just did not work for me! While the swatches on hand make them seem pigmnted and soft, i just could not get the color to show on my eyelid and had to repeatedly layer it on for it to show! Unlike their Sephora Blush which i absolutely love, these just didnt work for me!

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