My skincare routine is a bit like my closest circle of friends. There are 4-5 permanent fixtures in my life, and its hard for a new one to make an entrance into it. But the Vita Age Aurum Acqua Micellare could very well be my new best friend !

Detailed review will come later, but this is the skincare product of the week – it is basically a make up remover and cleanser in one which i know doesn’t sound too exciting. But i love products that make my life simpler and this is what it does- it removes makeup, cleanses and moisturizes in one go. So literally after using this you dont need to wash your face with water, and you dont need a moisturizer either because it leaves my skin so super soft!!! Its like makeup remover ┬áplus cleanser plus moisturizer into one.

Got this as part of this months Cosmo Beauty Panel !! Speaking of which- the beauty panel report is out in this edition!! Only 1 comment from me in this edition though…

PS: Please give me recommendations for an anti ageing day cream that is good for a 26 year old to use. Where do i search? Kiehls ? Clinique? Olay? HELP !!!! I need a skincare overhaul!

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