Soap and Glory Sugar Scrub (4) Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub Review

Guest Review By Shilpa

Scrub, scrub, scrub and come clean! A firm believer in the power of exfoliation, I love to get my hands on all types of body scrubs. Considering myself a true connoisseur of ‘body scrubs’, I am difficult to please! While I had high expectations of the Soap and Glory Sugar Scrub (the brand has some fantastic products!), it didn’t quite meet the mark.

What Soap and Glory says,” Super scrub with smashed brown sugar and sweet lime, almond oil & macadamia grains.”

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Use in the shower once, twice, or three times weekly, depending on the level of scaliness you struggle with. (Four times-even-if you’ve ever been labelled ‘old lizard legs’.)

My experience with the product:

First off, the packaging. It comes in a wide, transparent, cylindrical tub that’s convenient, but not hygienic to use. While taking out the scrub, some water invariably gets into the product and it gets sludge-y. To counter this, I actually scoop out a few tablespoons separately and use, while it works – its kinda irritating to do this extra step. That said, the tub is robust and sturdy. The lid fastens securely and can travel safely.

The first thing that hits you after opening the lid is the supremely zesty, fresh, citrusy, wake-me-up smell. It is quite potent and overpowering, definitely not to my taste but may cue efficacy for some people. Soap and Glory products usually smell wonderful and have complex, sophisticated scents. I am surprised how this super strong lime and lemony smell got in!

The texture of the scrub is a thick paste with tiny brown sugar and bigger, darker macadamia grains with the former working gently and the macadamia grains providing stronger exfoliation. Since the relative quantity of macadamia grains is less, I do feel the need to use a fair amount of the product to get decent, feel clean exfoliation. That said, it is easy to spread and not abrasive (unless you take a lot of it and put in too much effort!). It rinses off easily and the almond oil works its magic and leaves my skin soft, supple and lightly moisturized (I skip the body lotion post this as I live in a humid city). This works for me as I have normal skin, but may feel greasy on people with oily skin. As the scrub action is not harsh, can be used up to 2-3 times a week.  

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What Works

  • Gentle, but buildable, effective exfoliation

  • Leaves the skin feeling supple and moisturized

  • Easy to wash off

  • Cruelty free, Soap and Glory products are not tested on animals

What May Not Work

  • The strong citrus fragrance can be overpowering

  • Tub packaging isn’t very hygienic

  • A little doesn’t go a long way – more product is needed if you want proper exfoliating / scrubbing action

Rating: B+

Price: Available online in India for INR 800

Will I repurchase? Will probably not purchase this again but would love to try the other scrubs from Soap and Glory (Breakfast Scrub and Pulp Friction!)

So, is it for you? Made for cold, dry climates, this scrub could work during the extreme winters in the north with reasonable exfoliation and moisturization. The strong citrus smell may not be everyone’s cup of tea though!

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