TBS Strawberry Body Polish (2) The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish Review

Guest Review By Ifrah (Light Skin Tone, Combination Skin)

What does The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish claims? 
Have good, clean fun and smooth skin at the same time thank this fragrance foaming gel-based scrub that’s gentle enough to use every day. Dead skin cells are removed in no time, revealing brighter, healthy-looking skin thanks to natural exfoliators. Containing Community Trade organic honey.

My take on The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish:

Body shop strawberry body polish is a total feel fresh scrub! When I used it for the first time I did feel the instant difference in my skin- feeling fresh, renewed and glowing.  The scrub also includes honey, & walnut shell which gently exfoliate and  moisturize my skin.  . The tiny granules are not harsh but gritty enough to do their job as they not only cleanse my skin but also soften it.  Whenever I feel stressed out I use this scrub is totally relaxing and i look forward to that indulgent shower with this on my shower caddy!

The strawberry body polish also has these kiwi seeds (or whatever they are) which aid in the exfoliation process and also look pretty inside that see through flip top cap !

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Pros of The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish:

• One thing I adore about this product is the strawberry fragrance. I could literally eat it if given a chance, just kidding guys. Not to forget it contain sunflower oil & sweet almond which makes your skin soft & supple.
• Suitable for any type of skin or tone, No allergic reactions.
• Skin fells refreshed. Nothing less than a fruity treat I would say.
• When massaged in circular movements over the body it helps to boost your blood circulation, which makes our skin smooth, clean & makes it firm. Can be used weekly twice or thrice
• Travel friendly tube & attractive transparent tube.

Cons of The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish: 

• The fragrance last just for about 2-3 hours max.
• Cannot be used on the face
• I had slight problem opening the flip flop plastic opener, it looked it might break any time. Should have been steadier.

Rating : A

Price : Rs 595/- for 200 ml

Final Recommendation:   The Body shop strawberry body polish is rich and  luscious which makes my skin feel healthy & makes me smell like freshly crushed strawberries  . I am addicted to this product & currently loving the Body shop strawberry body polish as it’s totally irresistible.
Note: Do try out a little before you buy the scrub, in case you don’t like fruity smell, you wouldn’t want your money to go in vain.

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