I can smell the holiday season  in the air, and as of today i can  even feel just the faintest touch of  that chilly delhi wind against my face  . And what better way to kick off the holiday and wedding season with a lust list that is bejewelled haan? Whether you need a funky turquoise necklace to wear with your favourite white brunch dress, or you need  some statement earrrings. Whether you need a sweater with jewel detailing (Sweater + Jewels = love), or a jewel toned makeup pallette with some gorgeous purples- this lust list has you covered.

1. Turquoise Necklace with Anushree Jewels : Turquoise and Gold will always be a winner, but i particularly like how the strands on either side of the necklace are different ! That is so unique ! The addition of the white in the mix makes this my new favourite ‘beach’or ‘brunch’ necklace.

2. Sleek Vintage Romance Makeup Pallette: Apart from the fact that i love the name, this pallette has some super pretty jewelled purples and golds that are perfect for the holiday season and upcoming wedding season in India.

3. Jewelled Sweater: I remember seeing a pale grey one at Old Navy in New York, and even though jewelled sweaters are a weakness i let it go. Now im super regretting it !!!!

4. Earrings by Anushree Jewels : I love these earrings! Infact i would want to string them together in a chunky necklace as well. These are by Anushree Jewels as well (you can visit her facebook page by clicking the link above) . The pastel pink and the mint green are super pretty and really different colors than what we usually see earrings come in!

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