TIGI Love Peace Planet Free UR Mind Hairspray Review (2) TIGI Love Peace Planet Free UR Mind Hairspray Review

Guest Review By Swastika

I have never been much of a hair products girl but the colorful display of TIGI products that Mehak posted on the blog made me want to have some in my vanity – and I needed (wanted;) really) a holding spray so I promptly ordered this TIGI Love Peace Planet Free UR Mind Hairspray  from an online website.

TIGI claims “A cherry almond scented, non aerosol spray that keeps your style in place. A blend of organic ingredients and plant proteins lock in your look. TIGI Love Peace & The Planet Free Ur Mind Firm Hold Hairspray, which is in a bottle made from 50% post consumer recycled material, means you can go green and get gorgeous.”

Packaging: Thumbs up to the TIGI guys – their cheeky product names and colorful packaging is a sure winner…I love how this adds a dash of color to my vanity.

Product: This is from the Love Peace Planet range – so it is without harmful chemicals – to have that in a hairspray is really unusual – the usual ones are filled with chemicals. It also smells unlike other hairsprays – it has an awesome cherry fragrance which I totally adore.

Does it work?? Yes, totally – it holds backcombed hair perfectly, helps me get some volume, my puff now stays put longer.
It is also a great product to use after curling or blowdrying. It doesnt weigh my hair. It doesnt make my hair very stiff – yet holds the style. I need to wash my hair the next day though. I skipped washing for a day once after i used it – so though hair felt a little heavy – after thorough brushing I could get through the day and no one noticed!

TIGI Love Peace Planet Free UR Mind Hairspray Review (3)TIGI Love Peace Planet Free UR Mind Hairspray Review (1)

– No harmful chemicals
– Awesome smell like cherries
– Holds all styles
– Decent pricing
– Lovely packaging

– Availability could be an issue, i got mine online
– Not for people looking at very high hold hairspray

Rating: A+

Price : 743/-

Recommendation: The tIGI Love Peace Planet Free UR Mind Hairspray  is a holding spray from the Toni and Guy family. It not only held together my hairstyles but did not weigh down on them so Please give it try if you are looking for a hairspray which wouldn’t be harsh on your hair. It is perfect for home styling.

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