So, as i observe my Sister in Law ( Non Delhi girl) get married and prepare for her big day, i realised just how different I ( Delhi girl) was while planning my wedding! I think we Delhi Brides are a bit loony and obsess over every little detail, and the more of my Delhi friends i see getting married, the more convinced i am that there are 10 simple Rules to show that you are a Delhi Bride ;)

10 Simple Signs to know you are a Delhi Bride Zilla

1. You think no one really looks at the groom on the wedding ;p :) (Sorry honey!)

2. The day your Roka is done, you create a little folder on your computer saying ‘Wedding Ideas’ and/or create a pinterest account to drool over.

3. Whether your budget is 5 lakhs, or 20,000 you will still visit everything- from DLF Emporio to Chandni Chowk to customary Bridal Exhibitions like Bridal Asia with absolutely no intentions of buying anything.

4. You enter shops and say ‘Bhaiya Sabyasachi Type Lehenga lao na’ !

5. You obsess over how much flare and ghera and kalis your lehenga has and threaten the shopkeepers that if they so much as cut one kali on the final piece you will seriously slit their throat (Deathly stare)

6.  You fret about being completely  over-dressed for some small puja ceremony and have a big fight with your mom about how you look like a fool. Then when the guests start pouring in, you realise you are probably very under dressed (This is Delhi love!)

7. You argue with your mom about how you really dont need as many as 11, or 21 or 31 pairs of clothes for your trousseau and for the life of you cant understand why there is a  pre-set number that ends with 1 like that. (Like hello, i want 8 ok…what? no 8…only 7 or 11? WHY???)

8. You obsess over keeping fit for the wedding, yet the customary trip to Chawri Bazaar for wedding cards is always followed by a full fat meal of Karim’s  dripping in oil! Not to mention strolling around Kinari Bazaar and picking up borders, laces and beads that you will probably never use.

9. You complain about how all the songs a Bride has to dance on – on the sangeet are so boring !! You argue with your mom about being able to dance on some fun (read : item number)  songs while she has minor heart attacks listening to the lyrics of those ‘fun songs’

10. You read P&B’s Bridal Section religiously and print out the relevant parts ;)


This post was just for fun !!! ;) Please dont get all serious on me about this  and be like “Dont give us a bad name okay haan”.

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