You know how when you read Archies Comics as kids, you are always a tiny bit jealous of VERONICA”s never ending walk in wardrobe. This weekend, i had a Veronica moment- because the entire French Connection UK store was my wardrobe for half an hour !!!! I was like a kid in the candy store- pretty much driving the very patient sales staff and the boy (photographer for the day) crazy, But what could i do? Its a store that was right up my style alley!



I have an unhealthy obsession with sweaters, and when they come with glitter and animal shapes on them, i go totally weak in the knees. I ADORE that cute bird sweater at the back and the rest are just great, everyday wear cardi’s !



Thats me wearing that cute cropped bird sweater- isnt it super cute? Perfect for a summer brunch with the girls.

Sweater: French Connection

Black Wedge Boots: French Connection

Quilted white sling back: French Connection

Jeans : Models Own (Haha, i just like saying that. Sounds fancy- jeans are my own!)


If that birdy on your sweater starts to feel to cold, layer it on with an edgy leather jacket for a day out in the cold Delhi Winter !! Dont forget to carry a big handbag to fit your shopping into !!! This look is pretty much all im in come December – every girl needs a good, well fitted leather jacket and this FCUK one is gorgeous

Leather Jacket :FCUK

White bag: FCUK

french-connection-sweaters (2)


This peplum top is perfect for a dinner date with the boy! It looked a bit too plain just worn with jeans so i added this white scarf from FCUK to complete the look! The white scarf is actually attached to one of their bags (I didnt even know they did bags!)

Blue Peplum top: FCUK

Scarf: FC.. ok you get the drift now right?


See that purple bag with a scarf? Borrowed it from there ! Thank you Mrs.Bag !


french-connection-sweaters (3)

When it gets REALLY chilly upfront, this  fur lined jacket with the leather collar and leather sleeves is perfection !! I would buy this in a heartbeat- its chic, and sophisticated but still has an edge and isnt boring. That brown bag is probably my favourite of all the bags they have in store.

french-connection-sweaters (1)Excuse the messy hair, by this time there had been a gazillion tops going over and on top of it. Iv said it before- Jewel + Sweater= I LOVE. Even though there seems to be nothing spectacularly different in this grey sweater, its something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and wintery !! Love the Rhinestone detailing its so damn cute ! It almost makes me reminiscent of my Delhi Unviersity days- warm cup of coffee in one hand, notes in one hand and a chunky jewelled sweater with jeans to get me through the day !

Is it normal for a 26 year old to like all cutesy things?


I spotted one overcoat in store, which i lounged about in as i chilled with my friend the barefoot mannequin!

Overall, i had such a FUN time at French Connection , im definitely going again to pick up something. These are my top picks from FCUK for winter:

  • The sweaters are adorable! If you are a sweater girl, get one of those glittery ones NOW
  • Its hard to find  good, structured leather jackets but FCUK has them in abundance. I loved both the fur lined leather jacket and the black jacket as well.
  • The blue peplum top is a great option that is classic and can be worn in multiple ways
  • The dresses there are absolutely fab, specially if bodycon is your style !!!  Definitely a goos store for new year shopping
  • Some of the bags are actually quite cute and worth a look!

Here is what i would love to see in the FCUK store:

  • More scarves, mufflers and layering options
  • I would love to see an FCUK range of boots honestly!
  • I also didnt love any of the overcoats in the store- they seemed a bit too bulky for my liking.


I loved this dress as well!

To see more such styles, go to French Connection’s Online Website

PS: The trials were arranged by PR. However , this post is not a paid for post.

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