As we gear up for the wedding season, we need to make sure our hair look perfectly styled with those killer floor length anarkalis, and while some of us head to the parlour to get a chic do, a lot of us also use styling tools at home to achieve that look ourself !

I used to always go to the salon for a blow dry, but my hair is very very thin and i feel like everytime i go there they just pull it and pull it and make my hair fall flat which i hate because it looks limp and characterless !!! So i have the Philips Salon Stylist Hair Styler    at home. I love it because usually all i need is to wrap a strand around the metal rod at the edges of my hair and have it all curled up. They also have a straightener in this styler, but thats a pretty average straightener and nothing much to write about. The curling rod however is AMAZING – it works on literally all kind of hair and it has a clamper so your hair doesnt move!

I also used Remington’s hair iron in the past which was not bad, but iv stopped ironing my hair now !



Sanjana says  “I use a Panasonic Flat Iron which is super easy for a first timer like me. Its effective, straightens hair and fool proof to use. You need to be very careful though and use some heat protectant serum to prevent burning.  (TIGI has a good heat protectant!)


Priyam says “My hair is really straight so nothing ever sets in my hair. Sometimes i use a Philips curling iron which is the only thing that sometimes works!”

Esha says “Mostly my hair are alwars blow dried at the parlour but i need a hair iron at home for travelling emergencies and touch ups ! The brand that i have been using for the past 6 years is GHD (good hair day) from London. Their hair irons are AMAZING ! Much nore superior and efficient than any other i have ever used !! (I spotted GHD at sephora in Delhi if i remember right)


What are your favourite hair irons and hair curlers in India?

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