guerlain-tenue-de-perfection-timeproof-foundation Guerlain Tenue De Perfection Time Proof Foundation Review

When i was a kid, Back to the Future was one of those movies that spanned across my moms and my generation ! Who doesnt get excited with timetravel huh? Infact if i had to put something inside a time machine other than myself it would be éither something im cooking which is anyway rare ( time machine please fast forward 20 minutes and give me a perfectly cooked pasta) Or i would put in like my blog and see what happens with it 5 years down the line. Will all of you dissapear and stop reading what i write? Will i become too old to have a beauty blog? While i ponder on these deep thoughtful questions, spare a moment for Guerlain who claims they have made a ‘Timeproof foundation’and nope they dont mean its something that can timeproof your skin (like your skin never ages), but something that never wears off. NEVER. NEVER? Thats a scary thought! !

So yeah, keeping the high tech fancy pants name aside the Guerlain Time Proof Foundation is one of their signature lines, and even though the Lingerie De Peau foundation is the one i really wanted to try, i was given this instead so i gave it a twirl. I feel tempted to give this foundation a gender, and this is a definite ‘He’ for me- strong , sturdy, long lasting- almost holds you with an iron grip. Super coverage- medium and can be built to high and the texture is kind of almost moussey! A thickish liquid that is soft and buttery and just melts into the skin. The finish is a soft matte and i for one really enjoyed the finish. But  while oily skin girls will enjoy how this Guerlain marvel performs on them , those with dry or flakey skin like me will definitely cringe. It highlights dry and flaky areas as well as open pores, but if those are not your pain points, go ahead and do a little salsa routine with Mr.Guerlain here because he really knows how to work it .

Apart from that, lets see hmmm. Does last AGES ! You can attend a wedding, watch the feras, cry at the bidaai and come back to still find your face prettied up!





Left: Before, Right: After

The shade is one shade too light for me!


  • Good Solid Coverage: Medium that can be built up to high
  • Soft Matte coverage which is quite natural looking as compared to other high coverage foundations (But it isnt one of those second skin types like Mac Face and Body)
  • Blends easily even without a brush
  • Oily skin girls will enjoy how this doesnt slide off and keeps your face looking fresh
  • Nice texture to work with
  • photographs exceptionally well


  • Exaggerates dry and flaky skin: I cant use this on my forehead at all. It seems like my skin is scaling !!!
  • Can exaggerate open pores as well.

Verdict: A

Price: Rs 3000/- approx

Recommendation: The Guerlain Time Proof Foundation has super coverage, blends in easily and photographs exceptionally well. I think girls with oily skin who are looking for a solid, special occasion foundation will love this. This does have some issues if you have dry skin.

PS: If this post is full of grammatical errors, that is because my mouse is not working. You have no idea what kind of min blowing keyboad shortcuts iv discovered.

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