Come November and Guerlain unveils its gorgeous Violette de Madame Collection in India. The collection  is inspired by the veil – considered to be a woman ultimate accessory which expresses seduction, personality, style and femininity. Just like the veil, the collection aims to  give a small glimpse into a womans mysterious world. The packaging is so adorable- it has that classy, cool metal that Guerlain is synonymous with but  the products are dotted like a french veil!!!

Press Note: This season, Natalia is adopting an air of mystery behind her dotted swiss veil. “Ladylike”? but not “old-fashioned”! with her incredibly pure face, huge doe eyes and sensual lips discreetly masked to play the spy or intriguing femme fatale, Natalia reveals every woman’s Desire: “to be beautiful and play the game of seduction”.


Rouge G de Guerlain

Guerlain’s signature lipstick with a gorgeous mirror and a click is out with 3 new colors for this collection

Price : Rs 3350

860 Madame Batifole, a vibrant fuchsia

861 Madame flirte, a fruity red

862 Madame rêve, a voluptuous pink

 guerlain-collection guerlain-fall-2013-collection

Gloss D’Enfer

Personally my favourite lipgloss in the market currently and one i totally recommend!

Price: Rs 1700

860 Madame Batifole, an electric sparkling fuchsia

861 Madame flirte, a gourmand sparkling red

863 Madame fascine, a sparkling deep purple for a bitten lips effect

L’Écrin 2 Couleurs

Colour fusion eyeshadows – vibrant effects : Rs 3250

01 Two rock, mysterious green & dazzling black

02 Two stylish, deep blue & metallic grey

03 Two extravagant, chocolate brown & zesty green

04 Two Gossip, stirring plum & baroque gold

05 Two Candy, soft white & sparkling pink

06 Two Parisian, intense black & powder pink

07 Two lovely, soft grey & aquamarine

08 Two spicy, ebony brown & spicy coral


The Eye Pencil

Retractable Cream Kohl & liner – Water-resistant : Rs 1925

01 Black Jack, a true black 04 Katy navy, an intense navy

02 Jackie Brown, a natural brown 05 amber silver, a rosy silver

03 deep Purple, a dark violet

Madame Rougit

 Probably my personal favourite from this collection, this blush looks good enough to eat!!!  I swear, these are the colors i always wanted to own a lehenga in – Orange, hot pink and white !

4- Colours Blush – limited edition : Rs 4450



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