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Prerna was a recent bride, who skipped the high priced designer stores as well as South Delhi shops to head to Chandni Chowk for most of her wedding shopping. Picking up budget pieces from Karol Bagh and Chandni Chowk, she made sure her trousseau was still ‘ hatke’ from the rest

So i heard this was a typical arranged affair?

I had an arranged marriage. Both my husband and I were enrolled on matrimonial websites and were looking out for prospective partners. My most important criteria was finding a well-educated guy belonging to a respectable family, and my husband tells me that his biggest requirement was a girl (as he too has the same nature) with a good upbringing. Also, my in-laws are really loving and caring people. That was also one of the factors that compelled me to agree. It was pretty much a yes from both sides in the first meeting itself. I think we are a very compatible couple.

Was it a cross cultural wedding? Any interesting “differences of culture” that came up during the wedding? How did you resolve them/ react to them.

Both the families are Punjabis. I think all the functions were extremely enjoyable and had a lot of raunak, with all our relatives enjoying and partying to the fullest. I am actually not sure about what I am more sad about: leaving my parents or the celebrations ending J. It was all in all a perfect beginning to my married life.

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For Wedding 

Real Brides Prerna Engagement

Engagement Outfit

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Sagan Outfit

Real Brides Prerna Cocktail

Cocktail Outfit

Where did you buy your outfits from?

I think me and my mother knew exactly what had to be worn for each function. We are just glad everything fell into place. We had four major functions:

For Engagement, we knew it had to be a gown. We went to the Jalsa, a wedding attire exhibition, at Hotel Ashok (Chanakyapuri, New Delhi) and found this pinkish peach gown which I fell in love with. It had gota-patti work on the neck and sleeves. Most importantly, it was stitched really well, with layers of net / cloth in the lower half, which gave it volume and fluff – something that is synonymous with a gown kind of a dress.

While shopping for my trousseau, I found that Chanderi cotton is really in vogue. I always knew from the very beginning that I will wear a Chanderi cotton lehenga for my Sagan ceremony. There is a very famous boutique in Karol Bagh with the same, Sehej Swadeshi. The guy who owns the shop is a good friend of my mother and has designs a lot of her sarees. You will be shocked to know but my lehenga was completely my mother’s idea. She designed it along with the boutique owner, selected the colors, the stitching etc. Also, in the movie Devdas, Madhuri had worn cotton legengas (designed by Abu-Sandeep) with 15m gheras (in the song “Chalak Chalak”). That was our inspiration for having a 15m ghera in my Sagan lehenga. It really added a lot of zing to the lehenga I feel.

As you know, Anarkalis is the flavour of the season – so it had to be an Anarkali for the Cocktail / Sangeet Party. This was from a boutique at Shahpur Jat. While shopping for my trousseau at Shahpur Jat, we finalised this in less than a minute. No changes to the original design, I thought this was just perfect.

For Wedding lehenga, it had to be Chandni Chowk (Lehenga House), the hub for bridal lehengas. What we were picky in this case was specifically the color, and my lehenga scored in that department.

How long did it take you to find your lehenga/ saree. How did you know “this is it!!!”  

I took me and my mother two weekends to select my wedding lehenga. As I have stated before, we were very picky about the color. It had to be a bridal color, with embroidery and stone work. We liked the work on another lehenga, but this scored highly on its beautiful color. I will suggest all Delhi-based brides to definitely visit Chandni Chowk for wedding lehengas. I know that the focus is shifting to designer lehengas now, but I will still suggest brides-to-be to visit Chandni Chowk as the kind of prices and designs one gets in there are unbeatable.


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Where did you purchase your jewellery from?

All of the jewellery I wore (except at the Wedding function) was from our long trusted jewellers, Shri Ram Jewellers (for gold) and Har Meher Jewellers (for diamonds).  My family shares a  long-standing relationship with them.

For Wedding, I got jewellery on rental from Gurmeet Jewellers (Karol Bagh).

Which function was the most fun and why? Did you perform on the sangeet? What was your song ? Did you guys do a couple dance? What song was that on?

The Sagan ceremony without a doubt. I think it was because it was the start of what was going to be an eventful week. Also, both our families got to know each other well since the engagement and gelled really well. I did not perform specifically on any song but we all literally burnt the dance floor – we danced will 3AM in the morning. I and my husband danced on performed on “Tera Hone Laga Hun” and “Tum Hi Ho” at the Cocktail / Sangeet function.

Who was your makeup artist?

For all my functions, I got my make-up done from Looks (Karol Bagh). I think they did a fantastic job as far as make-up and hairdo is concerned. They tried and gave me a different look everytime, keeping in mind the type of the function. MY favourite remains the make-up for Sagan and Cocktail functions.

Who was your photographer ? A few lines of recommendation about them !

Delhi-based Sabharwal Studio did both conventional and unconventional (candid) photography for my functions and they have done a splendid job. The only thing I would like to say is that they made me look pretty in every picture. Some of the candid shots they took are simple mind-blowing. Moments with my family are heart-touching.

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