Meet Priya

A South Indian Girl born and brought up in Delhi who married a childhood friend ! A destination wedding in Jaipur, was a melting pot of Punjabi fun meets Tamil Bride ! Read on for the super cute love story and the super fun photographs !


So Priya, lets start with the customary ‘ Introduce yourself’ .

So basically Im south Indian, a Tamil Brahmin Iyer girl ,  although my family believes I should also learn to act like one:) Delhi has always been home , and will continue to be. I was born and raised here, and wouldn’t want it any other way!
Our wedding took place in Le Meridien , Jaipur, since I wanted a destination wedding. Rajasthan is pretty much my favourite state in the country, and I did my bit of recce, ( including considering Kerala, going there, scouting and then coming back )and settling on Merdien finally. I am yet to come across a city, or even a  state so charming and intriguing-the history, the rich culture, the amazing food , the friendly locals, EVERYTHING!!Something about Jaipur that romanced me the very first time I went there years ago!!!


I love Jaipur too ! So destination was decided pretty easily haan?. Was the groom decided just as easily? ;)

Well,  LOVE!! And HOW!! Our love story , is probably the most shocking piece of news of the year 2011 for a lot of friends. Mayank, my husband, and I went to school together, and have been friends  for about 20 years now. We were part of the same group of friends and were all pretty close.We passed out of school, he went abroad to do his Maritime studies,and then off to the Seas for sailing( He’s in the merchant navy)/ Every time he came back to India we’d all get together, chill, party and just about 3 yrs ago I quit my job and took a break,which coincided with his visit, and on that trip, we really hung out, and by we, I mean Mayank, my best friend Suman, also very close to him, and I.

And she had then recently begun this useless teasing which I couldn’t for my life understand, and he also chipped in with harmless flirting that I never thought twice about it since he was so close to me and I would dismiss it. Until one day,I felt there was something more and I was told, by her that he really likes me, and has a thing for me since school. And then began the mission of hooking us up.Countless conference call, dinners, parties, fighting my feelings  and  one trip to Thailand later, I was convinced and finally we were dating! We started dating in Bangkok , and he never really asked me out, he only,straight up, asked me to MARRY him. That was April’11, and here we are , 2 yrs later- married:) There are days we look at each and say- Seriously?? Seriously..?? I married YOU??? That annoying friend from school?Who would’ve thought???”
How cute ! Were the parents all on board with this? 

 He’s a complete Punjabi,and my family is very South Indian.The only thing my parents were strict about is the dates, the rest my husband and I pretty much planned ourselves. Of course, when it came to the rites and rituals- it was a riot. No one knew what to do. God bless the pandits, and some close relatives of his and family and friends of mine, for that was the only way this wedding went smoothly. So we stuck to doing a two day, 4 ceremonies affair, and wanted to do a small south indian function for very close family, that never got done since my dad hadn’t been keeping well. All in all, I think everything went well, for his family is lovely, and neither of the sides was a stickler for rules.

 mehendi-lehenga2 mehendi-lehenga1engagement-rings engagement-anarkali engagament-anarkali1

So how was the bridal lehenga shopping experience like in Delhi?

HAHHA.. I think I started looking for it in August, went pretty much all over the county- from the Kanjeevarams in Chennai, to Jaipur , to Mumbai and back to delhi. I think I finally found what I loved , and then got customized only in end Dec, about a month away from the wedding!!

Most of my shopping was with my mum, but Im the types who picks up something just on the go. Something that all brides must do, for when they go in search of the perfect outfit for any occasion, try as they might, they wont find it.And when they don’t want to shop- they’ll see a million things they’d love to have in their trousseau. True Story!!! SOmetimes, friends of mine also suffered, due to the hunt for the perfect Lehenga or any other outfit for that matter.

Mostly, I’d tell the brides, that if you’re getting married in peak wedding season, you should start looking atleast 3-4 months in advance, and leave enough time for trial. and ALWAYS plan for wrong fittings!! It‘ll give you time to undo and re-do any wrongs, which more often than not happens. Will also save you last minute stress.

My bridal lehenga is from Sabyasachi . The other outfits were from Om Prakash. I basically looked for intricate work, and fact is, that good details and meticulous handwork come for a price, and not a cheap one at that- so my lehenga costed over 2 lakhs and the other was a bit over 1 lakh.


Tell us more about this 4 event, 2 day wedding!

Well, I think the cocktail cum engagement was the most fun, atleast for me, since that was the only event that wasn’t so traditional and my mother didn’t expect me to be a shy demure bride!!! We totally did perform on the cocktail, and he danced on a very filmy crazy medley of Desi Boys, Don’t You worry Child and Khambe Jaisi Khadi hai!!!! Hahhaa.. and I danced with the girls on Second Hand jawani( much to my family’s disbelief and horror). Other tracks that our friends were along the lines of Fevicol, Tu Mera Hero, Jhalla Walla, Hookah bar etc.. far from what you’d see at a south indian wedding :)

Our couple dance was on Raabta,a lovely song, which suddenly broke into Humma Humma. The finale with everyone was on Naku Muku and Gabru.. signifying south meets north:)


You look lovely in all your pics. Who glammed you up?

My MU artist was a very sweet gentleman called Jitin Rathore, very accommodating and friendly, who calmed my nerves during the entire fiasco. Did a brilliant job, and delivered every need that I had in terms of the looks I wanted. He was recommended by a very close friend , and I arranged for him to come from Delhi  to Jaipur. Happy to say,I wasn’t disappointed,

The photos have captured so much of the fun, crazy vibe of your wedding. Who was this amazing photographer!



Ohhh Well!! Our photographers, I must mention were two parties. One whom I got on board , the very fantastic Arjun and Praerna Kartha, and the other from my husbands side, the very sweet Chaitali Mitra, and I must say were very happy with all the photographs!!

But since Arjun and Praerna were MY photographers, I invariably ended up spending most of my time with this young , energetic husband-wife duo!!! Its only around my Save-The -Date I realized just HOW difficult photography is.I was amazed at the passion and sincerity with which these guys did their job. Its definitely not as glamorous as it looks. Even during the wedding, Arjun and Praerna and Chaitali, were such a breeze to be around.Apart from good photography, I think one must look for accommodating and friendly photographers. I was instantly drawn to how nice they were, and fun to be around. The last thing you want when you’re a bunch of twisted nerves is pricey photographers throwing a fit.

If theres one thing I’ll tell you to do, it will be to invest in good photographers.  It was money well spent, and I wish people would cut costs on things other that the ONLY tangible memories they will have left!! All our photographers are highly completely recommended, and will feel more to you  like family and friends who will happily dance to the mad music being played!!!

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