P&B Real Brides: Meet Sonika!

A bride from Dubai, originally from India who had a destination wedding in goa, which was her fathers dream. This arranged marriage was full of fun functions starting off with a rain dance! Read more !


So how did you meet your better half?

Arranged!! And we don’t have a romantic story as such, but its cute in its own way. I had been talking to a lot of frogs till my parents found my Prince. Its funny how it happens, you think its going to be a fairy tale, the way its portrayed in movies, But its simple, like my mom always said you will just know that he’s the one. There is no better way to describe it then the truth….We might not have the most romantic story, we might not have seen each other across the room and fallen in love with each other at first sight, he might not have proclaimed his love to me in front of a million people. I may not be a princess stuck in a tower, and he may not have come on his white horse to rescue me…..Whatever it was, all I knew was that this was Right.

Our parents decided we should meet, and if not then just talk. So He decided to message me, we started by talking about general things, and then went on to constantly messaging each other. Exactly after 19 days he decided we should meet and when we met it didn’t feel strained or forced, it felt like we were two friends who were meeting after a long time and catching up, it felt good…. it clicked.
Sometimes all you need to do is be yourself, some people make it very difficult for you to be yourself in front off…. and some make it feel like you’ve known them forever… That is how I felt with Him. In a week, we were engaged to be married…. that day I made a new best friend, a Life Partner.

Sonika's Ring Ceremony Sonika's Ring Ceremony1

Ring Ceremony

Sonika's Sangeet


Where did you buy your outfits from?

Well that was the most fun part about the wedding, and apparently i’m really good at it. I decided to go to mumbai for my clothes, as my cousin sister lives there and i knew she’d be able to keep an eye on how things were progressing. I had just one weekend to go to India for my clothes, so before going i had to do all the research.

For a very long time i used to cry when my parents told me they’d get me married, it was the one thing that would get me upset as it meant i hd to leave my family and go. But a couple of years back i knew i was ready. Since then i’ve been set that i want to wear a manish malhotra for my wedding. It was my dream. every time a close cousin got married, and i told my dad i want an outfit from there he’d say for your wedding, and i’d be quiet about it. So now was my chance to go all out. I researched a lot and decided that i also had to have an outfit from sabyasachi, there were no two ways about it. So i had my mind set on what kind of out fits i wanted. When i reached mumbai all i had to do was take Di( my cousin), mom and dad(for the financial aspect) and go hunt. The first thing i bought was my wedding lehenga, it was the most fun part. I got it from sabyasachi in mumbai.

Then we went to Anjali Arjun Kapoor, Di saw this champagne coloured gown and her mind was set that it would look perfect on me, we made a few changes to it. And done, my reception outfit was selected. This took us an entire day so we decided to call it a day. And the next day we went hunting again…First stop, was my favourite.. Manish Malhotra(mumbai)…And when i saw the out fit i knew this was it, i tried it on and my dad said buy it, no questions asked… we of course had to make some changes… because it was a collared dress and of course i can’t wear a collared dress for my own function. Changes made and my Ring Ceremony outfit was decided.

The only thing left was my Sangeet outfit… i was a little worried. But then Di, was confident our designer would be perfect for it. So we headed to her shop, Private Collection (Next To Cadburys House, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai)… I didn’t even see what she had in stock i told her the colours, and the kind of work i wanted, and she made me a beautiful outfit…We also had a pool party, for which i decided to get something from dubai.. Went to a lady who designs here, Nova Krishnan( tecom, Dubai).. we discussed the kind of look i wanted and the colours and work, and she made a beautiful flowy gown.

Sonika's PherasPheras5

Wedding (Pheras)

How long did it take you to find your lehenga/ saree. How did you know “this is it!!!” Did you go with anyone for wedding shopping? Any tips to brides looking for outfits?

It took me about 5 minutes to decide that i wanted that particular piece. I walked into Sabya, and tried this pearl work lehenga out in pastel, i loved it, but it wasn’t the red i wanted. so we looked and there it was.. as soon as i put it on i knew this was it, mom and dad wanted me to go for something heavier. But seriously, it was love at first sight. and thats it, we bought it.

I finished my wedding clothes shopping in 2 days… Everyone in my family was super impressed, apparently i was the easiest bride they had seen..The Secret is research, make sure you know what you want before you hit the shops. And the other thing you should do is take someone who knows you in and out when you go shopping. I took a few people with me but the one person who knew what I’d look good in and be able to carry was my sister. She knows me well.

Where did you purchase your jewellery from? 

I didn’t really get a choice we went to our family jewellers, Notandas in Mumbai.

Rain DanceRain Dance1

Rain Dance

Tell us about your events.

the most fun was the Rain Dance.. My husband did a surprise dance with his cousins for me, which was super cute, I changed and got in the foam and rain. Everyone had fun. Also the reception was fun, cos it want we didn’t have to wake up super early to get ready so we went crazy danced till 7 in the morning, decided to grab some breakfast and got to our rooms by 10.

On our Sangeet, we danced on subhanallah from yeh jawani hai deewani. I love that song and it was our song, kind of.. The movie had released when we started our courtship..*blush**blush*

Sonika's Reception


Who made you all gammed up for the wedding?

Make up is something I’m not at all interested in, so i told Di, she could go ahead and make the decision. She decided on someone who’s been doing make up for Brides in our family for the past 8 years.. Bharat and Dorris. And they are perfect, such friendly people, and a master at their work.

Your have some beautiful shots. Did you hire a Dubai Based or Mumbai Based Photographer?

We had 2 photographers, one was our family photographer from dubai, Pooja studio. And the other was WedRed, from Mumbai.The one thing about photographers is they should know you, and you should be comfortable around them. Wedred were the fun and unconventional ones. Whereas pooja studio, was doing the typical filmy shoots. We had best of both worlds.

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