Two  Real Brides: Meet Priyanka & Urmi

Todays P&B Real Brides feature is a special one. Not just because we have two beautiful sisters who got married the same day, but also because they share a special story of courage and inner strength . More stunning than anything else in the wedding were the big beaming smiles on these two and the innate bond these two women seem to share which was captured beautifully by their Ace photographer and videography team ! Read on, you dont want to miss this one !

September 13th 1994 …..

It was just like any other night. We had our uncle, aunt, and their daughter over for dinner. My mom was preparing dinner and we were playing. Suddenly, we had a power outage, so my mom decided to start a generator. My dad wasn’t home yet, so my uncle helped my mom. As all of us were little kids, we went in the same room where my mom and uncle were because of darkness.

My mom looked for a torch, but she couldn’t find it, so she used candlelight. While my uncle was filling petrol in the generator, my mom was holding a candle. Drops of hot wax fell on my mom’s hand, so she accidentally tilted the candle and the petrol container in my uncle’s hand caught fire. Straight out from that room there was a bathroom.  He thought if he threw the can straight into the toilet, the fire wouldn’t spread through our home.

Just as he was going out of the room, the container melted in middle of the doorway. He was able to jump out of the room and my mom, my younger sister, my brother, his daughter, and I were stuck in the room, and we couldn’t get out.  The doorway was blocked by fire.

We had couple water bucket filled with water for daily use, and in the moment, we’d used it to put out the fire.  Unfortunately, it was a petrol fire; the water made it spread more rapidly.

The fire worsened until our neighbors came to help. By the time our neighbors arrived, it had damaged us.

After that, there were many treatments: treatments after treatments to make us look better.  We became immune to the pain. As time passed, we figured out there was no easy way out. We just had to be each other’s support and make the best of our lives. Slowly and gradually, we became strong and positive towards life. If it weren’t for my family, faith in God, and our move to the USA, I would have been physically and emotionally shattered. I am still learning to see this life in its BEST light and it is definitely getting better and better.


Priyanka & Urmi, Your story is SO inspiring and i am so happy you guys had a happy ending (or should i say a beautiful beginning!). Lets talk about the happy stuff now ! 


I never thought that Ross and I would get to this point in our lives together. From day one when we started dating I thought that he was an amazing person, I loved spending time with him, but at the end of the day I refused to feel anything more because he is an American, something that my parents would not be able to overlook. But it all changed, almost in a moment. My parents and I had a long discussion about my life in general and I began to complain to them that I had never met an Indian man outside of my family who cherished me as a person and would go to any length to make me happy. Instantly, I corrected myself and I said, “there is one man, the only man I know other than my dad and brother, around whom I can be myself and feel not only cherished but also incredibly happy.” I talked to them about Ross and from that moment my parents have been nothing but encouraging. They allowed me to take that risk with Ross. They gave me their blessings when it came to trusting him. It took me a long time to see that the man of my diaries was literally the man I was dating at the time.

 Today I am his wife, and I still fear sometimes that I am too young and immature to have found such an amazing man in my life, but then I talk to him and everything seems to fit. We just make sense together.


Taral and I were set up by our families. The first time when we met, we hardly talked for 10-15 mins. After that I had thought that it wouldn’t go any further, but after few days his family called and said that he would like to meet again. At this next date, we spent substantial period of time to get to know each other . He seemed very open mined and I liked talking to him. He was better than all the other guys I had met so far. At last, I felt that he had that x factor I had been looking for all along. He must have felt the same way because now we are husband and wife. First I was certainly hesitant to get married in two months since I hardly had any time to get know him. But when I did talk to him I was reassured every time that I was making the right decision.



OKay, i have to know what its like to get married on the same day!! Is it crazier or more fun?


The thought of getting married alone was insane given the way I have lived most of my life. But then the moment I found out that I was going to get married along side my sister, I almost lost my mind. My sister and I are inseparable. Taking the biggest steps of our lives together was yet another sign that we are meant to be sisters in all of our lives.


It was a very joyous occasion for my family. We had never thought that two of us would get married at the same time. It seemed like everything happened in a blink of an eye, especially for me. It was supposed to be my sister, Priyanka, who was to get married to Ross and all of us were preparing for her wedding. Just two months before the wedding, I met my husband, Taral, and it was decided that we should also get married at the same time. I couldn’t be happier; as my sister rightly said we are inseparable and having this biggest day celebrated together just added cherry on the icing. This was one of the happiest moments of our lives.

engagement-anarkali1 engagement-anarkali

bridal-shoes bridal-dupatta


Tell us about all your beautiful outfits !

We shopped from all different cities, Surat, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad. Our wedding outfits were bought from Frontier Raas. We had a blast shopping from all around the cities. Shopping with mom, mamji, masiji and cousins was really fun. They all helped us pick out our fabulous attire for all the occasions. Going to shopping with all the loved ones; altogether has a different kind of amusement.   Our jewelries were bought from Dagina -Surat, Dedhiya-Mumbai, Zaveri-Ahmedabad.  All the small accessories and shoes were bought locally (Surat) from just small mom and pop stores. One might be amazed what great things we would find in all these small places.

Who did your makeup in Surat? 

We hired a local makeup artist, Rahul of Rahul Salon. He was amazing; he knows his art very well and was great with making us look natural and flawless before the cameras. He also did make up for our foreign guests, who were just thrilled with his work. Because of my scars, I (Urmi) rarely would get make up done because instead of making it better most of them just make it worse. However, I haven’t found a better make up artist than Rahul; him and his team are just fabulous. First time I felt beautiful with the makeup, so all10 out 10 for him and his team. bride-makeup brides


Your photographs are some of the most beautiful i have ever seen !! Who was this magical photographer and videography team?

Our wedding planner, Rishi, recommended Avantika Meattle for our wedding . She  was the perfect photographer for us- She captured every intimate and breathtaking moment without losing sight of our ceremony’s vastness. She caught our emotions – the brightness in our eyes and the tenderness in our poses – as one might catch a lightning bug in a bottle. (Girls getting married, check out Avantika’s Facebook page here –Avantika Meattle Photography she does some absolutely phenomenal work that i can personally vouch for !)

Our videography team was the Wedding Filmer (Editors Note: BEST videographer in India In my opinion) who were absolutely brilliant as well!


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