Bed Head Queen for a Day Superstar Thickening Spray by TIGI

If i were queen or a day, I would  impose a whole ton of fun legislations !

  • Every girl MUST get free desserts and mojitos wherever she chooses
  • Drunk cheapo men to be banned from the country and exiled into a girl-less forest far far away
  • Salons must perform trial cuts on dummies before they cut our hair
  • Girls must be allowed to purchase 2 items free with every 1 item they buy (What, you girls want all 3 free ? How would the economy run?)
  • Free Education for all kids and better anti corruption laws (See, i can get serious too)

You see, forget Narendra Modi, vote for me in the next elections ;) ! Jokes Apart, this TIGI Bed Head Queen for a Day Thickening Spray claims to make you look like a superstar and feel like a queen for a day and since this giant bottle has been gracing my dresser ever since Lakme Fashion Week, i decided to put it to good use.

This is a favourite of many a hairstylist, and specially when you want that puff of extra volume at the crown, i have seen this being generously spritzed at the roots. Essentially, it thickens hair and adds volume where necessary. I am not a hair spray kind of girl but i really like this. Ofcourse, this is great for those puffs and crown areas, but i also like to just spritz a tiny bit across my head for a little more volume than necessary.

I think what nails it for me is that it doesnt leave that hair turned into french fry feeling- my hair still feel soft and hair like- not something crunchy and edible ! The way the spray is designed, i also love how it squirts out just the right amount- just a faint mist to spray on the hair!

If limp hair is your bane- you need this in your shelf!

tigi-bedhead-thickening-spray1-001 tigi-bedhead-thickening-spray3-001


I sprayed just a tiny bit into the roots of my hair! I know its messy, but honestly i coudnt be bothered.




  • Adds volume and thickness to fine hair
  • Can mold hairstyles and small puffs if your hair is too fine.
  • Does not make hair hard and crunchy


  • Cant think of one

Verdict: A

Price: 1500/-

Recommendation: The Bed Head TIGI Queen for a Day Thickening Spray adds volume  and lift for limp, lifeless hair. This is specially great if your little puffs on your hair never seem to stay, and this holds up without making your hair crunchy and hard. Whoopie- this one is a definite favourite !

PS: Bottle was given by TIGI PR during fashion week like 3 months back. Doesnt affect the review !

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