Avon makes me reminiscent of 11th Grade , when i was in school and all these girls would bring these cutesy pamphlets for us to order all sorts of goodies from (ofcourse im sure their moms who were Avon representatives use to peddle these pamphlets to their kids to distribute in school). At the time, a fancy new lip balm was all it took to get us excited over a week (these days, even a fancy new car doesn’t do it sometime :S) . With these two  new Avon products on the testing table- one of them takes me back to 11th grade, while the other makes me feel incredibly old :p


Avon Little Gold Dress

The first one which takes me back to school  is this bottle of perfume called ‘Little Gold Dress’. Im not sure if you have ever flipped through an avon pamphlet but if you have you would have definitely seen a perfume called ‘Little Black Dress’ , and this one is a newer, sexier version of that  which definitely takes me back years !! I LOVE how this smells- its got a tad bit of a fruity kick to it and  is still sweet and feminine, with just a subtle hint of sexiness. Kind of like what your first date in school feels like- sweet, innocent, just on the brink of adult hood with a generous splash of sensual glitter !

Its the kind of scent that is right up my alley and infact reminds me a little bit of Prada Candy which is easily one of my favourite perfumes, so if you dont want to shell out the big bucks for Prada, this is actually a good sort of perfume dupe for it!!


Avon A New Clinical Pro Line Corrector

The second one which does make me feel incredibly old is the Avon A-New Clinical Pro Line Corrector which is supposed to fill in those lines and make sure your skin appears plumped, smooth and line free. There isn’t much i can say about this because i dont believe i have lines yet to ‘fill’ (Oh thank the lord for that) , but it feels smooth and soft on the skin and my skin feels more taut and supple when i wear this.

Full reviews coming soon…

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