body-butter As the temperature dips, and your skin starts feeling a tad bit parched, these top rated (and personally recommended) body butters will ensure you you brave the cold ! Ofcourse Body Shop is the eternal favourite, but also do check out Marks & SPencer as well as Bath & Body Works which smell just absolutely divine !!!

1.Body Shop Body Butter Lollipop: Oh my god how cute is this Body Butter Lollipop??? Its super cute to just put in your bathroom shelf and take out the flavour you want !! They have Moringa and Satsuma both of which have been reviewed here in the past and gotten A+ ratings on P&B !

 2.Marks & Spencer Vanilla Sugar Body Butter: I picked this up just by chance, on the checkout counter at Marks & Spencer last year and i absolutely fell head over heels in love with  how this smells. Its like you were dipped inside caramelised sugar and honey and  emerged as a lifesize gingerbread cookie !!! Super moisturizing as well !

3. Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter: The Body Shop Christmas scents always get me, and the Spiced Vanilla they launched last year was just the perfect combination of a kick of spicy cinnamon mixed with sweet sugar. This year- you can buy the Christmas specials like Ginger Sparkle, Cranberry joy as well as Vanilla Bliss which is available in a trio form !

4. Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Body Butter: Twilight Woods has grown to become one of my favourite Bath & Body Work Scents- its sweet, its mysterious and it has this deliciously warm, woody quality to it that i always love. I have a shower gel as well as a moisturizer in the same scent and this body butter is absolutely brilliant as well.

5.Body Shop Body Butter Duo in Floral Acai: Body Shop has this genuis duo’s where half the tub is a body butter meant for normal skin, and the other half is for dry skin.So you get one- use the normal one for the summers and the dry skin one for the winters. Two butters in one tub !

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