A couple of months back, when Bobbi Brown entered India we did this 10 lessons learnt from Bobbi Brown, and yesterday at the Clinique Event at the Ritu Kumar store, i added 5 more to my repertoire ! By the way, i also met blog readers Suneha and Esha both of whome won the Giveaway !! The girls got an exclusive ‘Know your skin better’ ¬†session with the Clinique experts and a Goodie Bag with a lot of fun stuff- there was a chubby stick and a whole host of travel sized clinique goodies !!!!


So first of all, there was this super informative session where the Clinique experts worked their magic on a bride to be. This Bridal Trousseau Consultation is actually an India Exclusive, and what it entails is a detailed session about your skin tone and skin texture as well as teach you how to apply makeup and give you recommendations about what your makeup trousseau should contain! They give you these detailed sheets which look like those multiple choice math questionnaires to me !


And after an entire ‘ understanding your skin’ session, they go indepth into your skin needs! This is followed by them applying makeup on half your face, and then getting you to apply makeup on the other half yourself which is kind of brilliant because lets face it – its all good to hear the techniques and watch them in action but the minute a makeup brush gets into our hand, clownsville isnt far away ! So its good that this is an actual learning session you know?

These were 5 tips i picked up yesterday!

1. Get the Perfect Matte look Lipstick  : So this was a really interesting technique the MUA did. She applied lipstick on the bride, then covered the lips with tissue paper. Then she applied powder on top of the tissue paper to soak up excess moisture from the lipstick. She removed the tissue paper, re-applied the lipstick and re-did the powder on tissue paper funda. Result: Super long lasting lipstick with a perfect non, drying matte finish!

2. Buying the Right Foundation: Always wait a little bit after testing out a foundation. Wait a couple of minutes, because even though at first go a foundation may seem like the right match for you, after 5 minutes some foundations turn pink and some turn dark. The ones that turn pink are probably too light for you, and the ones that turn darker are way too dark!

3. Mascara Technique: If you like a fluttery, kind of feathered look to your mascara, then after applying one coat , you hold the mascara wand horizontal, flat under your top lashes. Use a horizontal motion and gently pull the lashes out from the inner corner to the outer corner. It gives a super pretty, fluttering eyelash effect!

4. Pat & Circle Eyeshadow Technique:One thing i loved, is how the makeup artist didnt use like a gazillion brushes to blend the eyeshadow. What she did was a simple ¬†‘Pat & Circle’ motion. Basically you pat down the shadow quickly and then move your brush in circular motions . It blends really, super naturally!


photo 2 (3) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


Those are the winners of the Clinique Giveaway ! Suneha and Esha !!! Esha got a makeover by the Clinique team and i shall put up those pictures shortly!



That is that beautiful Clinique box in which you can keep your makeup trousseau!

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