Sephora by OPI Glisten to Your Heart Swatches

There are some things which are incomplete without the other. Bonnie & Clyde, Fried Egg and Toast, Ranbir Kapoor & Hotness, and in the holidays- Sephora by OPI  Glisten to your Heart & Chambor Nail polish #456 !  Kind of blah on their own, but together they are one power packed duo ! One packs the punch, the other brings the balance. One brings the excitement, the other brings practicality . One brings … ok you get the picture.


Chambor 456 is a muted mauve polish thats super smooth and streak free to apply. Special mention to the thin brush- so much more precise than those fat tips we get these days. Much prefer the narrower brushes . Its a pretty polish on its own, but it needs a bit of spunk, a bit of dazzle and a bit of excitement to make it come alive !

Enter- Sephora by OPI Glisten to your heart! It is a clear top coat packed with a truckload of chunky, magenta glitter. There are hexagonal glitter pieces scattered amongst the small round ones and it screams holidays ! However, it needs its muted, balanced better half to really show itself off because on top of Chambor 456 the effect is completely bedazzling !!


Sigh. There you have it – the perfect power couple together on my nails.


They work so well together, they re-instill my faith in soulmates these two!

What is your Holiday manicure like? I want the same Sephora Polish in a super glittery red, so i can go and dazzle all the guests at my SIL’s wedding ! Any recommendations for a good red glitter polish ? Also on my wishlist- a very very pale, peach with just a hint of gold glitter in it . I know im stocking up on the Maybelline Colorshow  Hooked on Pink  for sure. Super duper cheap, Super Duper Pretty !

Talking about power couples- Hrithik & Susanne Split :( I really liked them together and was super sad to see the news !

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