Did any of you women like Dhoom 3??  I mean hello..Dhoom is about eyecandy! Hrithik Roshan looking super hot walking down the street and all that jazz. I love you Aamir, you are a great actor and all but when i see a guy shirtless on screen tap dancing with some firang women, i need him to look like a greek god ok, no offense!  That apart, the first hour of the movie bored the life out of me and all i could think about was doing this, super simple eyeshadow tutorial that has been requested since i pretty much started this blog . On special request- this contains only budget products!

What I Used:

1. Maybelline Diamond Glow eyeshadow Quad in Copper Brown : I used this for the heck of it honestly, i dont like these quads at all they have really really poor pigmentation – but since this is a very subdued tutorial i thought i can get by

2. Matte Brown Eyeshadow: I swear by Mac Folie as a crease color. Its amazing- but any matte brown would do

3. 2 brushes: A flat shader brush from vega professional, and a rounded small blending brush

Peaches & Blush9

Step 1: Sweep the light beigey gold color (3rd from left) all over your eyelid

Step 2: Use the peachy shade (second from left) right in the centre

Peaches & Blush10

Step 3: With a matte brown eyeshadow make a boomerang like shape on the outer corner. When your open your eye it should look like this- with the matte brown extending towards lower lashline


Peaches & Blush11



Step 4: Get your blending brush out and blend blend blend ! Blend like a pro!


Step 5: Add liner to the upper and lower lash line, mascara and done !

This is a nice, simple look for like a fancy work meeting, or even just a nice day time look with your friends ! Enjoy!

PS: What i did notice in Dhoom 3 is how pretty Katrina’s eyes looked. She had zero eyeshadow on most of the film- just the perfect, softly smudged kohl look. Im going to try and nail that and put up a tutorial on that as well!

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