A Simple Smokey Eye Tutorial

Keep it simple silly, is the mantra at P&B and this smokey eye is just 4 steps – easy peasy !! If you are wearing a little black dress for new years, or a simple lace sari for your friends wedding- add a little punch to it with this smokey eye as this one is specially flattering o warm indian skin tones

Stash i used:

1. Gel Liner or any Kajal (I use my Bobbi Brown One, but you can even get by with a black kajal pencil that doesnt smudge)

2.Mac Bronze Eyeshadow (Super versatile shadow)

3. Black eyeshadow (I used one from the Sleek Pallette)

4. Bright Gold eyeshadow (Totally optional, i used my favourite Mac woodwinked)

4. Brushes (I have a flat shader brush from Vega Professional and a rounded blending brush from Vega Professional as well)



Step 1: Put your shader brush into your gel liner and apply a thick line of gel liner on your lid . You can doodle, you can be messy, you can pretty much do what you want ! If you are not using your gel liner, then just take your non smduge kohl and swipe it across your lid.


Step 2: Take a black eyeshadow and layer it on top of your gel liner to make it more intense. Also take the shadow a bit upwards . Use the shadow to line the lower rim softly as well. At this point of time you are pretty much looking like a pirate, but dont worry, it shall get prettier.


Step 3 a.: The fun part starts now. Take your bronze shadow and from the top most part where you put the black shadow start patting the bronze on it. Make sure that the highest point of your shadow is not too high- an easy way to check this is you open your eye you should not see extra eyeshadow above the folds of your eyelid.

Step 3b: Continue patting it towards the center with the same intensity of color .

Step 3c: With much lighter strokes now, take the bronze till the edge of your upper lid Рbe soft so that the black is  showing through.Also line the lower lash line with bronze eyeshadow

step 4

Step 4: Your shadow should look somewhat like this on the left. Use a blending brush to blend the harsh edges. Add  bright gold eyeshadow (i use mac woodwinked) in the inner corner to add brightness and add kajal on the upper and lower lashline

bronze-smokey-eye-tutorial smokey-eye-tutorial1


Coming next: Work Appropriate eyeshadow tutorial with drugstore products!

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