aalia-bhatt-koffee-with-karan Who else is hooked to Koffee with Karan? *raises hands so high it to0uches the fan* . Even though this season isn’t that scandalous (except i didnt know Anushka was dating Arjun!), im definitely waiting to see Alia Bhatt with Varun & Sidharth. For the record, i think Varun is a total cutie and from the promos it looks like Karan Johar is making Alia Bhatt super uncomfortable !!!

I still remember seeing Alia at the Manish Malhotra show at Delhi couture week, and while at that time i had no clue who she was except a teenage girl in a poofy prom dress, i remember sitting right behind her and her going ‘ WOOWWW’ when a coral lehenga walked down the ramp.

The girl is sporting Shehla Khan on her interview with Karan. Whaddya think? Yay or Nay? On the mannequin, i would have never even taken a second look honestly, but she manages to work it i think.

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