Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener Review

If you have been following P&B for a while, you would know that i am perpetually on the hunt for something that will transform my panda like eyes into shining bright one. I started my concealer journey with Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer- realised it was heavy coverage but the consistency was too thick, moved on to Mac select moisture cover which was a loyal friend for a quite a while but i didnt find a great shade match in it  and then discovered Inglot under eye concealer which has probably been my favourite. After a brief stint with the Becca creamy concealer (Fantastic for the first month, started getting hard and difficult to apply in Month 2), i walked into the Bobbi Brown store the other day, hoping to try their much raved about Corrector and Concealer. This is kind of what transpired:

Me : ” I want the BB concealer ”

SA: ” OK..its a two step system- there is a corrector and concealer and both of them need to be applied together”

Me: ” Umm.  Ok how much do each of those cost”

SA: ” Corrector is for 1850 and concealer is for 2000″

Me: ” Gulp. Thats 4000 Rupees- equivalent to like 80 cinnabons !!!”

SA Examining my eyes closely : ” You have very thin, fragile skin under your eyes. You shouldnt be layering products on it anyway- it will settle into lines”

Me thinking that its the first time someone has EVER tried to not peddle me a gazillion products .

SA: ” Here try the tinted eye brightener. Its lightweight and brightens the eye, providing some level of coverage though not much”

And after a little swish swoosh under the eyes, i got home the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener, partially because i was just so happy to have discovered an SA who had been honest and not tried give me a bill that i would need insurance to pay  for!

What BObbi Brown Claims it is: Our same brightening lightweight concealer now in new shades and a clear tube (so you know just how much is left before you run out).  Instantly brightens shadows so you look refreshed and revived-perfect for touch-ups too.

bobbi-brown-tinted-eye-brightener2 bobbi-brown-tinted-eye-brightener

My Views

Here is the thing, see when you cover up dark circles you can either go for like natural kind of coverage, where there still may be some shadows under the eyes but the effect is very natural or you can go for completely erasing them out, but with it visibly looking like you have some product on the eyes. I prefer the former and that’s what the tinted eye brightener does.

This may not be the most heavy duty coverage concealer, but this instantly brightens my under eye area and conceals about 80% of my dark circles ! I can definitely see the difference and my MIL always tell me- how come when you wake up you look tired but suddenly after your makeup you look so ‘ refreshed’. This little tube of liquid is what does it. The reason i love it, even though it doesnt conceal 100% is because it does its job , without looking like you have any trace of concealer under your eyes- your eyes look completely natural and bright. I do feel it needs to hold up longer- after 6 hours its faded quite a bit and you get your circles back

How to Apply: This is important to know. Basically , dont be shy of using a generous amount of this. Use the doe foot applicator and make a swipe motion like a wide ‘U’ on your dark circles. Take your ring finger and spread it once in that same swipe motion. Then very gently go ‘dab-dab-dab’ on top of it. This is the way to use this- dab-dab and sure enough you will see it dissapear.

Pros of Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener:

  • Super Lightweight
  • Provides natural coverage
  • Brightens up the under eye area
  • Doesnt settle into lines or creases

Cons :

  • Does not last super long
  • Does not give very heavy coverage (but i still think the coverage is good)

Peaches & Blush8

Peaches & Blush7

Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 1850/-

Recommendation: The Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener is a lightweight concealer which gives completely natural looking coverage and instantly mkes for brighter eyes !! This may not provide heavy coverage, but it covers upto 80% of my dark circles without looking ashy, and the best thing about this is that its super light so it doesnt settle into lines or look like you have anything like concealer on !

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