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16. The Bridal Files (SIL Edition): 1 Month to go

Its counting down to 7 days for the Big Wedding Day and i am freaking OUT. Im not the bride i know, so i shouldnt be freaking out like this but im freaking out because i leave for Hyderabad tommorow and NONE of my outfits are with me . NONE. I picked up a blush pink and red sari for the morning wedding, but the blouse is still being worked on and i shall get it minutes before my flight. My black and mint jacket is ready but the designer is all the way in Faridabad and i have not had a single moment even to breathe honestly ! So that i have to do tommorow as well, but if that wasnt enough- i have to also book a clients lehenga tommorow. So i have no idea how im going to manage so much in one day and still reach Hyderabad with all my clothes

The Jhoomar hunt

So, i want to wear a jhoomar for the wedding with my saree, because my saree has that ‘Old world’ kind of feel to it ! Wait- did i show you guys my saree?


Thats the pallu- its not exactly white how its looking in the photo- its actually like blush, pale blush pink. The main saree is plain.

Coming to the Jhoomar- My SIL also wants to wear a jhoomar for the night reception. So since she could not find anything in Hyderabad or Mumbai, i found some options in BG;s in Delhi. The problem- they were all more than 5000 bucks ! Are you kidding me? Did they increase their prices after the ‘Jhoomar bhi mein bhool gaee’ song or something?



I loved the first one – the huge one but im not shelling out 7k for a piece of metal ok ??? Anyway so i went to one of my favourite accessory shops in Shahpur Jat and found a nice enough one for about 1800 bucks. It had pearls and gold and it fit the bill- except the lady at the shop is now no longer accessible. She isnt taking my calls, she isnt replying to messages and my Jhoomar is with her. Ughhh !Its so frustrating ! Ladies- if you know of some place that would have a nice jhoomar please do let me know im desperate here !!!!

What Will The Boy Wear?

Its his sisters wedding, and shopping for anything for him is tremendously frustrating. You know those kids who have an attention span of 3 minutes ? When it comes to shopping- thats him. He will enter a shop- try 2 things and say- ok we are done, lets go eat now ..or lets go watch a movie or whatever . So a month back his mom and dad came over to stay in Delhi and we took this golden opportunity to help him buy something.

We first headed to Gopalsons in CP which by the way has some amazing things for guys !!  My father in law fell in love with this jacket which i absolutely hated and i fell in love with a suit that my father in law didnt think was too special. Sigh. It was one funny, funny, experience. He made the boy try on his favourite piece- a black velvet and silk striped suit with purple lines and silver buttons – and my eyes widened with horror !!!

But finally we sorted everything out- the boy is wearing a black bandhgala with either simple black pants, or if it were upto me, grey afghani trousers (These are insanely cool- they look like what Alibaba would wear i tell you!) , and he is wearing what he wore for our engagement in the morning wedding.

Songs Selections

We are feeling so out of the wedding festivities because we are sitting in Delhi, working everyday while everyone is rejoicing and practicing in Hyderabad :( But anyway, so the night function is when we perform, and both me and him hate overly romantic numbers (Even for our wedding we did Tum Mile which was peppy and fast), so we are currently shortlisting some nice, fun songs that we can dance on. I actually told my dad in law that i want to do a dance with 3 boys dancing around me (My husband and two of his cousins)/ chasing me but now i think thats a bit shameless ill stick to my favourite boy ! So far i have -Radha (Alia Bhatt song) and Ghagra (Madhuri Dixit) song as options

Whats up with the bride?

It is her wedding after all, not mine. Honestly i have no idea. Our bride is some what of a super woman- she is managing a gazillion things at one time. Not only is she coordinating with Hyderabad people sitting in Mumbai, she is picking up every single family members outfits from Mumbai, she is overseeing all the interiors of her husbands new home, picking out furniture as well as preparing for the wedding. She finally flew to Hyderabad for the wedding a couple of days back and the girl is looking EXHAUSTED !!! She needs some very well deserved spa treatments that her sister in law (aka me) will take her to , and accompany her while shes there. Hey i need some TLC too ok????

Over and Out. I need to figure what the hell to do with the emergency jhoomar situation at the moment.

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