So the other day, i was walking into my building- sporting my favourite winter scarf, my new jeans and my signature bomber jacket  when a 5 year old entered the lift with his bicycle and held the lift door open for me to enter. Just as i was about to give him a huge smile , he said ‘ Aa jao aunty’ .  Ermm. WHAT – when do you go from suddenly being ‘didi’ to random kids to being ‘ aunty’ . I dont know , but at that moment i just wanted to whack his head with the Vogue Magazine in my hand (Relax people, i didnt do it..i dont hit kids ) and run away with his bicycle or something. Hmph.

Anyway, since i have clearly proven that mentally i am still 8 , i actually turn a whole year older today!!!!!!! Celebrations? Boy is in Mumbai and he will return in the evening when we have a wedding to go to so not much today, but i already hauled a ton of stuff from the ongoing GOSF (Birthday Haul coming soon) so super excited and want to haul moreeee!!! Ill do my birthday celebrations on Saturday but until then, thank you all for being a part of P&B and being a part of my life as well :)   Will put up some pics soon

Much love, xoxo

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