Hi guys,

I just returned from the Virtual Wedding Show courtesy Indianroots.com ! OH MY GOD. Ill have you a full post about it later, but for now lets just say being live was kind of nerve wracking . Im like wobbling the whole time on video- shaking my head, shaking my hands….like wobbly mr.wobblester  rolling her eyes up and down and doing funny things with my hand! Sigh- but it was fun – shout out to thedelhibride who was also on video with me and she did so great! She was so calm and nonchalant !

Outfit: My own. Bought it from this shop in GK 1 M Block market- its one of those underground shops which rarely have anything worth checking but i lucked out with this.

Hair & Makeup: They organised it !

 PS: I dont know why the video is starting at minute 13….please load it from the beginning

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