LUSH_BIG_11 Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo Review

A great smell, the promise of magic for your skin or hair, good intentions towards the environment – tell me this and I’m hooked. In the wonderful smelling Lush store when I held a tub with a cute little cartoon on the side, saying that “this product was handmade by Kris” – I just had to buy. After more than a year of using the LUSH BIG, Sea Salt Shampoo, I am here to tell you how my Dry, Naturally Curly Hair likes this product.

The LUSH “BIG” Shampoo is clearly has sea salt as its main ingredient. There are big chunks of it in the shampoo and it actually even tastes salty, apart from being soapy bitter. (Why in the world were you tasting your shampoo Ranita? Umm.……. curiosity…)

While this shampoo is quite clarifying, it doesn’t over-dry my hair. Also, when I work this shampoo into my hair it lathers up beautifully.

It comes filled almost to the brim of a big, thick, black plastic tub with a screw-on cap that is thankfully leak-proof. We need to scoop out the amount we required for each wash. I found this very convenient because if I took out more product than I needed, I could simply slide some back into the tub.

This shampoo works brilliantly in removing product build-up or excess oil from scalp that has had a good champy. It contains organic lemon infusions and lime juice and I use it once a week to give my hair a good cleanse. The wonderful part is that it doesn’t strip hair of all moisture since it has several moisture-infusing oils such as Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Neroli Oil and Mandarin Oil. Since salt is a natural preservative, it does not have any added harmful synthetic preservatives.

The product label says that this shampoo will make you have “A Big hair day. This is like having your hair lifted on a sea breeze”. It does add volume to the hair. The effect slightly resembles using a sea salt texturizing hair-spray. So it is a very good product for people with thinning or limp hair. My curly hair tends to be a little frizzy. So I recommend using a good conditioner after this shampoo.

The price is quite steep. For someone used to buying a big bottle of shampoo for under 300 bucks like me, spending 1720 on a tub definitely pinches. But a little bit lathers-up to a strong foam and one tub lasted for several months for me. I usually take a tiny bit and rub it between my palms to get the foam going and then I massage it onto my scalp. Be warned though, that the fallout from this shampoo is insane. I always find that my bathroom floor is just full of salt chunks every time I wash my hair. Considering how expensive this product is, all this fallout seems just wasteful. Also, since fresh natural products are used to hand-make this product, it has a very limited shelf life.



  • Clarifying but not over-drying. Brilliantly removes product build-up and excess oil.
  • Lathers up brilliantly. Washing hair becomes much easier.
  • Very little product goes a long way. One tub last a really long time.
  • Adds a good amount of volume and bounce to the hair. Very good for limp or thinning hair.
  • Very convenient packaging.


  • Insanely Expensive!
  • The sea salt chunks fall out.
  • Very limited shelf life. Be sure to purchase tubs made only a month or so ago.

Rating: A-

Price: Rs. 1120

Recommendation: If your hair is flat or thin, or if you use lots of oils, mousse or sprays in your hair – the Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo is the product for you!

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