Meet Dr.Simal Soin

One of India’s leading cosmetic dermatologists-associated with P&G  Beauty & Grooming ! Trained at St. Johns Institute of Dermatology, London and Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge with an expertise in Cosmetic dermatology for  Antiageing , therapeutic and rejuvenating   procedures for face and body.  P&B got candid with Anti Ageing questions with her- everything about anti ageing in your twenties, to anti ageing when you get older is answered!

Dr. Simal Soin

P&B: Hi Dr Simal, Lets start with the question I have always been wondering. When should you start anti-ageing and why?

Anti ageing like all other fields of medicine should be preventative so it is best started in the mid twenties. The Most important anti ageing potion for all age groups is, of course, sunscreen. For people in their 20s, who do not have any evidence of sun damage, it may be tempting to skip the daily application. The earliest signs of ageing are open pores, patchy dull dry skin, rough texture and pigmented skin.


 P&BMid twenties huh. Guess im already  1 year late ! So when i go and pick up an anti ageing cream- what ingredient should i look for? Its super confusing!

Ingredients to look out in anti ageing creams are niacin amide- it prevents glycation, increases cell renewal and collagen production. Apart from that look for antioxidants,  Vitamins c and e  which protect against free radicals, and broad spectrum sun protection which reduces free radical production (High SPF is not enough. You need something with a broad spectrum)

P&B: Ok so my problem is- Does this ingredient list differ in a  cream meant for someone in their mid-twenties vs someone in their early forties? Like how do i know which one is meant for younger women vs those for older?

Yes the ingredient list that you look at will change as you get older . For Older women they need to look at  Retinol, Coenzyme Q10, copper peptides, caviar , alpha and beta hydroxy acids and alpha lipoic acids, hyaluronic acid into the skin care regime. For the younger women, the ingredient list mentioned in the previous question should be appropriate

P&B: Is it true that dry skin ages faster? (My skin is dry)

Dry skin does not age faster but the surface can look more wrinkled if it is not well moisturized. On the other hand oily skin is more prone to acne but the surface looks shiny because the oil plumps the surface. Hydration is a key to healthy skin, women who use moisturizers at an early age (18-30) show significantly less fine lines and wrinkles than the same age group of non-moisturizer users. Early skincare helps to reduce the signs of aging. 


P&B:  I do moisturise , but how do I incorporate Anti Ageing  creams into my skincare routine which already has tinted moisturizes and sunblocks? Where does the AA creams fit into- after what, before what?

In an age where we are fighting an uphill battle for  youthful skin, the question that begs is, is your current skincare powerful enough to fight these extra stressors? For example  Olay Total effects Anti Ageing  cream has twice the power for skin renewal. An anti ageing cream can be incorporated twice daily, apply a pea-sized drop of Olay Total Effects day cream evenly  (if at night, substitute with the night cream)


P&B: Is it true that if you start too early,  AA creams can make your skin thinner because of the chemicals and cause  more harm than good?

No not at all. On the contrary if you use anti ageing creams such as Olay Total effects Day cream and Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream with the right antioxidants it can prevent free radical damage due to environmental stressors.

P&B: So our moms never used these creams. Why do we need to use them? Is this all just a big marketing gimmick? 

This generation does have to deal with a lot of stresses, depending on lifestyle choices but smoking, drinking, late nights, junk food can only be so good for the skin! Psychological stress can go as far as to weaken one’s skin barrier function allowing more irritants, allergens and infectious agents to penetrate the skin and cause problems, as well as shorten the molecular countdown mechanism in our cells and may explain how stress causes us to age more quickly


By the way,  Im currently testing out the New & Improved Olay Total Effects.Iv taken their ‘ 4 week challenge’ or whatever its called and i swear i shall share my honest opinion here! This is what they claim: 

The New & Improved Olay Total Effects, with 1st ever formula upgrade in 6 years now includes 40% more Vitaniacin vs current Olay Total Effects. That gives you the extra power to fight back in all that you care about – be it beauty, work, family etc – you shouldn’t need to choose which aspect of your life to focus your fight on. Best Ever Olay Total Effects offers women a solution to accelerated signs of ageing due to increasing stressors in today’s world, resulting in even higher efficacy to fight emotional and physical stresses that age your skin Rs 749/- for 50 gms

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