Eeee ! I love this months lust list, more so because i actually own one of the things on it ! The Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eyeshadow pallette which is just GORGE ladies !!! If only someone can gift me that watch and those boots, and that sweater..maybe ill skip the bag. Nope, want the bag too!!! After 5 days of non stop Indian Wedding clothing at my sister in laws wedding, im dying to cosy it up in some chic winter clothing like these !!!

1. Ombre Tan & Blue Bag: How stunning is this bag????? Iv been searching for an ombre bag everywhere and all i see are really tacky ones. If Micheal Kors made an ombre bag, i swear i would be the first on to get it !!! MK honey, are you listening?

2. Bobbi Brown Holiday Edition Chocolate Pallette : Yum Yum Yum! I just got this and its stunnning ladies !!! Perfect for soft, winter neutral makeup with your cosy  sweaters.

3. Sparkly Sweater: You know this already- Sweater + Bling equals so me ! By the way, remember the French Connection bling bird sweater i was eyeing, it got sold out everywhere :(  . I want that damn red  shiney bird and cant find it anywhere. SQUAWK SQUAWK (Thats me sounding like a bird)

4. Asos Watch: Saw this over at some time back, and decided i must have atleast one floral watch in my life !!! This is the first floral watch iv seen in my life so im still searching for the perfect floral watch, but this one is cute too no?

5. Tan Lace Boots: Saw these ones over at , and fell in love. Why don’t we get these in Delhi girls??? Everywhere i go , i see those faux leather ones which i dont want!

Psst: Whats your New Years Eve scene????

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