A Sunday in the Sagar-Shahani household goes somewhat like this. Wake up at 9:30 am, eat customary Sunday breakfast (Dosa or go out for English brunch) , come back home with the boy watching cricket on tv (I just heard him yell ‘ SHOTTTTT’ and jump on the sofa), and me doing all sorts of experiments inside the room while wondering how the hell I am going to survive now that Sherlock Season 3 has ended ! Todays experiment is with hues of peach and purple and since so many of you wanted more tutorials…here goes !  Try this out on your Valentines Day date (Im not going to, because my date is the kinds who will say ‘ Did you get boxed or something? There is some wierd purple thing going on with your eye)

FYI- the rest of the SUnday goes like this- we are going for American Hustle at 5, then dinner at moms followed by me crying about the weekend getting over ! (Seriously, i genuinely believe Saturdays and Sundays do not have 24 hours ok-its all one BIG lie!) . HMPH.


You shall need:

1 A dark purple matte eyeshadow (I am using one from Sleek oh So Special Pallette)

2. A medium purple eyeshaodow (Im using Mac Plum Dressing- but i recommend you use something else. Im not a fan of this shadow at all!)

3. A peach eyeshadow -Im usig my favourite- Mac Expensive pink!

4. A bright gold eyeshadow (optional)

5. Brushes- I am using coastal scents brushes. Review soon.

Eye Makeup Tutorial Step 1


1. Naked Eye- Iv applied Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener. Can you see how bright and awake my eye looks???   I love this stuff!

2. With my eye still open, I take a small rounded blending brush , load it with matte purple shadow and poke it right into where my eye folds. I follow the shape of my eyebrow (with my eye open) to sweep it from the arch of my eyebrow to the end

3. When i open my lid it looks like this- you can make it neater but pulling it all the way down to the top lid

 Eye Makeup Tutorial Step 2


4. Apply Mac Plum Dressing in the centre of your eye. I havent blended anything yet, but because the colors complement each other, it looks ok

5. Apply Expensive Pink in the inner 1/3rd of the eye




6. Take your rounded blending brush and start with the Part where you have applied Mac Expensive Pink. Blend the top edge into the edges of Plum dressing

7. This is how it should look like

8. Pull the Expensive Pink all the way into the outer edge where the matte purple is

 Eye Makeup Tutorial Step 3

purple-eyeshadow-tutorial-4 - Copy9 & 10 . This is what your eye should sort of look like (My matte eyeshadow refused to blend)

10. Use the matte eyeshadow under your lower lash line as well

11. Apply kohl on lower lash line and add a bright gold in inner corner

Eye Makeup Tutorial Step 4


12. Add kohl on the top lash line

13. Smudge the kohl very lightly just so it doesnt look harsh

14. Pose, smile for the camera and SHOOT!

purple-eyeshadow-tutorial--6 - CopyPS: Talking about Sherlock Season 3, brainy is definitely the new sexy. You guys who don’t watch it- you are MISSING out on something !



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