Bobbi Brown Gold and Chocolate Eyeshadow Pallette

3 Chocolatey things that have come into my life this winter- Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (I borrowed (read:stole) these from my office pantry in New York shhhh), My Mint Chocolate Candle from Bath & Body Works (my house smells like After 8 chocolates when i burn these, which kind of makes the boy nauseous  but i feel like im in Willy Wonkas chocolate factory – Wheeee!!!) , and the Bobbi Brown G Gold and Chocolate Eyeshadow Pallette. While it may not smell or taste like a chocolate (Million dollar idea alert-edible eyeshadows haan??haaaaaan???? Ok No. Thats just stupid), it more than makes up for it in the prettyness department.

Look at it, Isnt it purrrty?







The Pallette contains 6 chocolatey shades from left to right- starting from milk chocolate to dark, bitter chocolate. Clearly, im hungry.

The first shade is a matte, creamy off white. Its super soft, blendable and pigmented for a matte eyeshadow.

The second shade is a light, warm honey golden. This is blendable and soft and decently pigmented but isnt intense pigmentation.

The third shade is like a soft matte fawn, this is just if you want to maybe even out the color on your lids. Nice texture and soft to work with

The fourth shade is a glittery taupe. The pigmentation is quite aweful here!

The fifth shade is a dark brown with a sheen.  Good pigmentation and  nice texture

The last shade is an intense chocolate , dark brown. The texture is dry and stiff even though the pigment is there.


SO overall, the shades really differ in quality. While most of the matte shades hold up very well, the shimmer shades are a tad on the sheerer side . If you are someone who wears eye makeup to work, these soft shades may work but definitely not for a ‘once in a while’ kind of look. The colors are lovely, but i think there is definitely something left to be desired in the pigmentation of the shimmer shades specially

Also- im not sure whether this is a permanent pallette because the rich chocolate eyeshadow pallette has different shades, and the day to night pallette is similar but well its called Day to Night not Chocolate and Gold!

Verdict: B+

Price: I think this runs for 3500/- im not sure?

Recommendation: While the matte shades in the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow Pallette were lovely- soft, and pigmented, the shimmer shades were definitely on the sheerer side. Overall, this is a pallette for soft everyday kind of work wear shades, dont expect it to give you ka-boom kind of pigment!

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