I swear my house feels like a block of ice in the north pole with two eskimos trudging about, trying to warm their butt next to the heater ! THAT is how cold it is ! As much as i hate getting out of my cosy blanket in the morning when that dreaded door bell rings, i love getting ready for work in this weather. Its all about the layering, the jackets, the mufflers, the scarves , the boots, the gloves  and today when i got a request to write about different ways to wear a scarf, i jumped right into it. I have a weakness for scarves, whether they are large chunky knits which cover my nose making me feel like a baby, or this silk one which happens to be my favourite. (Wedding gift by an aunt from Satya Paul!)




Style #1: The regular way to wear a scarf


This is a no brainer really- a 2 year old could do it. Except he would put it in his mouth , so dont make your two year old do it !! Wrap the scarf around your neck twice and let each loose end fall to the side.

Style #2: The wraparound bunny way to wear a scarf

different-ways-to-wear-a-scarf02-001Dont know why i call this style a bunny, but i feel like a little, warm rabbit with this. Just tie each ends of the scarf so its one complete loop. Then put your head through the loop, twist the loose end and put your head through again !

Style #3: The Corporate Way to Wear !


Fold your scarf into a triangle. If you have a scarf with tassles, this will look great because the tassles will hange down from the edges. Now, just take that triangle, place it infront of you like a bib and tie eac end at the back of your end. LOWE!

Style 4: The Glam way to tie a scarf

different-ways-to-wear-a-scarf04Super glam, and super fun way- with turtle necks and pants, this looks great !

Style 5: The ‘ Im running out of names here’ way to tie a scarf

different-ways-to-wear-a-scarf05This one is slightly more complicated but here goes .

Step 1: Wrap scarf around your neck twice so the ends are coming no longer than below you chest

Step 2:Put one end through one of the loops around your neck

Step 3: Pull downwards.

Step 4: Now tie this end to the other end ina simple knot.

Style 6: The ‘my’ way to wear a scarf


This is how i tie a scarf.

Fold the scarf in half so its half its length.

Hang  the scarf over your shoulders, so one side is a loop and the other side is the ends

Put the non loop end through the loop and pull to make it look like a chic knot

Style #7: The French way to wear a scarf


Saw this in Paris on my honeymoon. All those super stylish french women with trench coats that had a loop at the shoulder? They would wear it like this and put the flipped end inside the loop. Looks super chic and i didnt really do a good job of it honestly.

Style #8: The braided Way to tie a scarf!


Step 1: Do the same thing in Style 6 by folding your scarf and putting over your shoulder

Step 2: Do the same thing in style 6 by putting the end through the loop but dont pull through .

Step 3: Twist the loop the other way

Step 4: Repeat Step 2 by putting the end into that twisted loop

Repeat till you have  a braid like form !

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