peachesandblush Over the last few days iv been pouring over the P&B Beauty Awards  and one of the questions asked was what you would like to see more of on P&B. Some of you wrote in saying you want more Outfit Posts (i heard ya!), some of you said tutorials , some of you said Bridal stuff (for you guys there is a WHOLE new thing coming !Stay tuned for that) and others said more of ‘personal’ kind of stuff. Well okay then, let me show you bits and bobs of my life through Instagram pictures haan? Maybe a blog post about my month in Instagram???

Anyhow, one of the answers to the question about what you want to see more of on P&B was ‘ Yumm Yumm i want to eat up the blogger’ .. Huhhhhh? That made me go Mommmyyy im sceaaarrrreed !!! Lol

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Yeah i know…no photos yet. But promise to stay updated.

In other news, so much stuff happening on the personal front- feel like my worlds just being turned upside down! News soon ;)

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